10 Ways to Celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day

Another year, another opportunity to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day. Over here at Hungry Howie’s® pizza day is every day. But, we have to say September 5th is when we all gather to celebrate Cheese Pizza. This year, we’re planning on going all in, and we hope you join us. No matter where you are, please join us to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day. If you don’t know how, no need to worry. We have been waiting for this day since last year, so we definitely have some celebration ideas.

Play Pizza Games

No need to find a pizza-related board game for this. We’re talking about having your own edition of the World Pizza Games. Yes, those exist, and they’re as good as you think they are. Whether you’re attempting to break the record of the fastest box folding, which is 20.03 seconds, or you want to give it a shot at freestyle acrobatic dough tossing. Let the pizza games begin.

Get a Pizza Tattoo

Alright, this might be too much. But, if you’re a die-hard pizza lover, celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day by making it permanent. Pizza tattoos are a huge trend that everyone loves. We even shared some pizza tattoos ideas a while ago. If you already have a pizza tattoo, consider adding a second one to celebrate your love for cheese pizza as well.

Throw a Pizza Party

The best way to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day? With a pizza party of course. Call all your friends, order delicious cheese pizza from Hungry Howie’s® and start planning your pizza party. Take the time to think about the pizza party decor. You can use chef hats, red and white tablecloths, and make sure pizza is the center of attention. After all, we’re celebrating cheese pizza at this party.

Watch Pizza Movies

We all know pizza is a big item for movies, TV shows, and even commercials. But, throughout the history of movies, there are some really unforgettable pizza movie moments that are worth re-watching. So, call up a few friends, gear up the TV, and have a pizza movie marathon. Don’t forget to order pizza too, these pizza movie moments will leave you craving a slice.

Look at Pizza Memes

Crack a laugh or two, or more than that. Scroll through the best pizza memes out there and just have fun looking at these adorable images. Just as a warning, we would suggest you order some cheese pizza before you start looking at these. Odds are you’ll be starving after meme number 3.

Try a New Dipping Sauce

We wouldn’t change cheese pizza for anything. But sometimes trying something new is a good thing. So, instead of switching to a new pizza flavor, try a new dipping sauce. If you don’t know what would pair with your cheese pizza, these are some of the favorite pizza dipping sauces. Get dipping!

Find Out Your Pizza Personality

Do you know what your pizza toppings say about you? Have you ever wondered what ordering a cheese pizza says about your personality? Find out your pizza personality and discover the traits and quirks of the cheese pizza lovers of the world. You might be surprised at how accurate these topping-personality pairings can get.

Throw a Pizza Food Show Marathon

Every pizza lover needs to see these food shows. Even though National Cheese Pizza Day falls on a Tuesday this year, you can still call your friends for a short marathon. Pick one of these pizza food shows and enjoy watching them with a slice of pizza in your hand.

Learn 8 Facts about Pizza [Infographic]

What better way to celebrate pizza than learning more about it? Expand your pizza knowledge by reading through these fun pizza facts you probably don’t know about. Trust us, you’ll blow everyone’s minds away when you bring up some of these facts. You’ll become the pizza connoisseur of your social group.

Prove You’re the Ultimate Pizza Lover [Quiz]

Lastly, you’ll want to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day by gaining bragging rights. Take this pizza quiz and score at least 7/10 to prove you’re the ultimate pizza lover. Share it with your friends and challenge them to beat you or meet you at the top. Only those who are true pizza lovers can have pizza at the end of the day. Those who lose will pay for the pizzas.