Favorite Sauces to Dip Your Slice

Pizza is always good. You know it, we know it. There are many styles and preferences when it comes to eating pizza, some like flavored crusts, others like extra cheese, while others enjoy dipping their slices into succulent sauces.

To dip or not dip your pizza slice has pretty much started up a debate about what is the best sauce to dip your slice in. Some are on Team Marinara and others on Team Ranch. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best sauces to dip your pizza slice in and when you're ready to order call us for the best pizza specials near me!

Ranch Sauce

We all know ranch tastes good on everything. Ranch is basically considered the universal dipping sauce. Most people argue that ranch is the perfect complement to delicious pizzas everywhere. The tangy, creamy dressing has become one of the most popular pizza dipping sauces out there.

Garlic Sauce

For the more traditional pizza lover, garlic sauce is a must-have when eating a pizza slice. The buttery garlic sauce is a favorite of those eating the crust since it basically turns the edges into delicious breadsticks.

Marinara Sauce

Some may say pizza already comes with a layer of marinara sauce, why add more? Well, others may say there’s never enough marinara sauce on a pizza slice. Dipping your slice in marinara sauce is perfect for those looking for that fresh tomato flavor and you can also use the flavored crusts to mop up more sauce.

BBQ Sauce

While BBQ sauce is often left out for wings and burgers, pizza lovers are also dipping their slices in BBQ sauce. Barbecue sauce is usually as a zesty topping for chicken or meat pizza, but having an extra dipping cup can’t hurt.

Hot Sauce

Tabasco, Sriracha, or homemade hot sauce are all great options for dipping your pizza slice. Get that extra heat in any type of pizza from traditional cheese pizza and veggie pizza to Maui style and barbecue pizza. This dipping sauce is the perfect option for those who like some extra spiciness in their slices.

Whatever your pleasure, it’s safe to say that having a little extra sauce for dipping is a good thing. Get the greatest pizza specials near me and order them all!