Top 4 Food Shows for Pizza Lovers

From dragons on Game of Thrones to doctors saving lives on Grey's Anatomy, there seems to be a TV show out there for everyone. We all spend hours binge watching these shows, and now there is a new form of entertainment for pizza lovers. Food shows have finally evolved from cooking competitions to what actually matters: pizza.

Food shows for pizza lovers are exactly what you think they are, TV series dedicated to pizza, its cooking, its delivery, its business, and more. We’ve rounded up the top 4 food shows you must watch if you consider yourself a real pizza lover.

1. Pizza Masters – Cooking Channel

Pizza Master follows the life of two cousins that opened successful pizza shops all over New York City. Keep up with these pizza aficionados as they embark on a tour across the country to find the most mouthwatering Italian food out there, and anything else they can find related to pizza, of course.

2. The Pizza Show – Vice Video

The Pizza Show is a web series on MUNCHIES that takes you on a journey into the magnificent world of... you guessed it - pizza! Host Frank Pinello takes you across the world tasting the greatest pizza creations and connecting with the people behind the mouthwatering pies.

3. Pizza TV Picks – Pizza TV

Pizza TV Picks has the most mouthwatering collection of pizza videos ever. Imagine outrageous pizza slices, funny snippets, side-by-side pizza comparisons, and so much more. Plus, once you are watching these cheesy episodes, you can take a sneak peek at their other shows like Go for The DoughPizza Hall of Fame, or Pizza Stories for more pizza inspiration.

4. Pie Guys – Comedy Central

Pie Guys takes you through the life of three delivery drivers working in Los Angeles. Their pizza deliveries get them in some epic adventures with plenty of plot twists, laughs, and obviously, pizza. The short episodes will give you the perfect excuse to order pizza and a newfound empathy for your pizza delivery driver.

If you are a devoted pizza lover, you need to bookmark these food shows and start watching them as soon as possible. We do recommend you keep Hungry Howie’s number close by, because these food shows will leave you craving some cheesy pizza.