What does Your Favorite Topping say About Your Personality?

Your pizza order is a sacred thing, what you choose to top your pizza with is extremely valuable to you. But, what does it say about your personality? Your pizza toppings reveal more than just your food choices. Pizza toppings are deeply tied in with your personality traits and show a side of you that you might not even be aware of.


Reliable – Concerned – Predictable

You don’t take chances. You like to stay in the safe-zone and enjoy life with ease and calmness. Most people will say that you’re predictable in your actions, yet a reliable friend. Also, you’re constantly concerned about life, which is why you don’t take many risks. And when it comes to pizza, you definitely don’t mess up a classic cheese pie.


Confident – Dreamer – Quirky

Most people say you’re crazy for choosing pineapple as your go-to pizza topping. Some people may not even talk to you because of it. There is controversy around the pineapple/pizza combo, but, you just don’t care. You’re confident, and just a little bit quirky. You are a dreamer, which is why you love the idea of combining something sweet like pineapple, with something savory like cheese and marinara sauce.


Popular – Fun – Laid Back

You’re the most popular kid on the block. You have thousands of Instagram followers and never run out of friends to go out for pizza with. Most people will say you’re laid back and don’t overthink things. When it comes to pizza, you like to keep it fun, but not too much, because you are a real pizza purist – sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.


Health Conscious – Strict Morals – Sensitive

You watch your daily vitamin intake, and probably have a multivitamin bottle close to you right now. While you don’t count every calorie, you make sure when you eat your pizza you’re taking good care of your health. Your pizza is always topped with veggies, whether it’s because you’re a vegetarian or because of your strict morals. You are very sensitive, caring, and comforting, which is why your friends look to you when they need advice.


Brash – Outspoken – Adventurous

You understand that you only live once, which is why you’re not missing an opportunity to top your pizza with delicious meat choices. Most people will say you’re outspoken, especially when it comes to pizza. You like yours with tons of sausage, meatballs, and bacon – lots of bacon. Your adventurous spirit takes you everywhere, and you’re always ready for your next adventure – or your next pizza combination.


Creative – Wild – Adventurous

For you, the world has no rules. You are a free spirit waiting for the next empty canvas to fill in with tasty toppings. Your pizza creations surprise even the fiercest pizza lover. You think of pizza as a canvas to unveil your creativity, coming up with combinations such as Sriracha chicken with ranch sauce and extra cheese, or Philly-cheesesteak with BBQ sauce and jalapenos. To you, there is no limit.

Every person is its own world. Every pizza is its own universe. Whatever you choose to top your pizza with may reveal more about your personality that you think. What does your pizza topping say about you?