Last updated 04/01/2022

Howie Rewards Rules

Nothing is better than getting FREE stuff, but the guy in legal is a real stickler about making sure that everybody plays by the rules. So, we are posting this to describe what Howie Rewards® is all about and to give you the rules that govern your participation in the Howie Rewards® program. We think it is ridiculously long and boring, but he says it is well written, detailed and informative. We’ll let you decide.


Don’t forget that all benefits that Hungry Howie’s offers through Howie Rewards® are conditioned upon your acceptance and compliance with these rules, along with the following:


We may also have other terms and conditions for a particular incentive or promotion that will be posted as appropriate. If you don’t think you can accept or comply with these rules, then please do not join Howie Rewards®. You can still enjoy our great Flavored Crust® pizza and take advantage of our many other coupons and promotions. Either way, thanks for being a Hungry Howie’s customer.

This does not impact, alter, or change the rules or terms and conditions of any other agreements you may have with us, such as our gift cards.



To simplify the language in these Rules, “Hungry Howie’s, “we”, “us”, or “our” collectively refers to Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs, Inc., a Michigan corporation, and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including the Sponsor. Other capitalized terms are defined below.

“Rules” means the rules, terms, conditions and regulations which govern Howie Rewards®.

“Sponsor” means Hungry Howie’s National Advertising Fund, Inc., a Michigan not-for-profit corporation, an affiliate of ours that is solely responsible for administering, operating, and sponsoring Howie Rewards®.

“You” or “Your” means the person registering for or participating in Howie Rewards®.

“Howie Rewards®” means the loyalty program that Sponsor voluntarily provides for you. You earn Howie Points™ by making Qualifying Purchases. Once a certain number of Howie Points™ have accumulated, You earn Rewards, which can be redeemed in accordance with these Rules, at participating Hungry Howie’s locations. The Howie Points™ and Rewards You can accumulate are designated by the Sponsor from time to time and subject to change.

“Howie Points™” means the points You can earn by making Qualifying Purchases or which may be awarded to You from time to time in Sponsor’s sole discretion.

“Qualifying Purchases” means Completed Orders placed under an Account for menu items with a pre-tax subtotal of $10.00 or more after any coupons have been applied, and excluding delivery fees, taxes, tips, donations, bottle deposits, merchandise, promotional items (like Love, Hope & Pizza bracelets), gift cards, gift certificates, Dough Raiser certificates and similar programs. Rewards are limited to food and beverages. Any purchases made through an employee discount program at a Hungry Howie’s restaurant are not a Qualifying Purchase.

“Completed Order” means an order placed at a participating Hungry Howie’s restaurant where payment has been tendered by You and which has not been cancelled, reversed, voided, refunded, or otherwise compensated or discounted.

“Account” means Your registered account with us through which You create a user profile by providing us with certain information, such as Your email address, home address, and full name, and which allows You to place orders at participating Hungry Howie’s restaurants, submit credit card information, view information pertaining to Howie Rewards® and more. We may change the requirements to maintain an account at any time or how You are permitted to redeem Howie Points via Rewards through your account or otherwise.

“Rewards” means a menu item, as determined by Sponsor, You earn when You’ve accumulated a specified number of Howie Points™, as determined by Sponsor, and which may be redeemed by using a Reward Code.

“Reward Code” means the Account-specific code provided to You through Howie Rewards® which may be used to apply a Reward to Your order at participating Hungry Howie’s restaurant. Reward Codes are unique and account-specific, so please refrain from sharing them, as they will only work with Your Account.

Our address is 30300 Stephenson Highway, Madison Heights, Michigan 48071.

So, here we go!

Hungry Howie’s has been around for over 45 years and has hundreds of restaurants across the United States. We franchise to great, hardworking folks (“Franchise Owners”) who want to share in the dream of selling our great food. All Hungry Howie’s restaurants are independently owned and operated by Franchise Owners.

Howie Rewards® is a loyalty program that allows us to thank our great Hungry Howie’s customers for their repeat business. It is sponsored by Hungry Howie’s National Advertising Fund, Inc., a Michigan not-for-profit corporation that is solely responsible for administering, operating, and sponsoring Howie Rewards®. When You make Qualifying Purchases using an Account, You accumulate Howie Points™ that can be redeemed for Rewards at participating Hungry Howie’s locations.

For a variety of reasons, some of our Franchise Owners may not always participate in every program that we set up for the Hungry Howie’s system, so You may not be able to earn or redeem Howie Points™ or Rewards at every Hungry Howie’s restaurant. Hungry Howie’s restaurants in the State of Florida do not participate in Howie Rewards®. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Currently, after You accumulate 60 Howie Points™ in your Account, you will receive a Reward. Our current Reward is a FREE Medium 2-Topping Pizza. Please allow up to 24 hours for the Reward Code to activate. You will receive an email notifying You that You’ve received your Reward and Your Reward Code will appear on the status page of your Account. Please add to your Contacts or Address Book to ensure that emails we send You aren’t flagged as spam.

Use Your Reward on Your next order from Hungry Howie’s or save it for later. No purchase is necessary to redeem a Reward. You may not redeem multiple Rewards per order.

Please note that there are no substitutions allowed on Your Reward. However, You do have the option of choosing our traditional round or thin crust. And don’t forget to add your favorite Flavored Crust®.

There may be additional or other Rewards available for a limited time and/or limited to select restaurant locations. Sponsor will provide the specific rules, terms and conditions of any other Rewards or offers at such time.

Rewards expire if You do not earn Howie Points™ or redeem Rewards for 180 days. However, we may extend this at our discretion.

When You join Howie Rewards®, you get 50 Howie Points as our way of saying thank you.

You then get 10 Howie Points™ for every Qualifying Purchase.

Ordering online is the easiest way to get Your favorite Flavored Crust® and earn Howie Points. However, we know that sometimes ordering online isn’t always a choice, so you may now earn Howie Points for Qualifying Orders that are placed online, walk-in and by phone. Please note that if You’re making a Qualifying Purchase in-store or over the phone, You’ll need to let a team member know at the beginning of the order process that You’re a member of Howie Rewards® so they can associate Your Account with Your order. Otherwise, You may not receive Howie Points for that order.

Your Account is limited to earning 10 Howie Points™ per 24 hours, regardless of how many Qualifying Purchases You make. You can only earn Howie Points™ from and after the date that You create an Account and agree to these Rules. You cannot receive Howie Points™ on past orders.

You’ll receive an email letting You know when You’ve earned a Reward, along with a Reward Code. Additionally, Your Reward Code will appear on the status page of Your Account. We cannot ensure that you will receive an email notifying You that You have earned a Reward. You are responsible for checking Your Account to determine if You have accumulated enough Howie Points™ to earn a Reward. If You believe You are eligible to earn a Reward and have not received an email providing You a Reward Code, please contact [EMAIL ADDRESS].

Ordering Online

To redeem Your Reward online, simply log in to Your Account and add the designated Reward (currently a Medium 2-Topping Pizza) to Your cart, no additional purchase required. Then, enter Your Reward Code in the promo code text box. Your cart will reflect that the Reward Code has been properly applied. When You place an order redeeming a Reward, additional menu items, taxes, delivery fees, additional toppings and tips are extra and Your responsibility. Other coupons, offers and promotions may also have restrictions.

Ordering In-Store or Phone

To redeem Your Reward in-store or over the phone, make sure You let a team member know at the beginning of Your order that You are a member of Howie Rewards® and want to redeem a Reward. Place the rest of your order and enjoy!

Signing up for Howie Rewards® is easy.

To join Howie Rewards®, You must have an Account with us.

Please note that, at this time, You are unable to sign up for Howie Rewards® in stores. This feature is limited to our mobile app and website.

If You haven’t done so already, download the Hungry Howie’s mobile app through the App Store or Google Play, select “Create a Profile” and follow the prompts, making sure to check the box to join Howie Rewards® when completing Your profile.

If you already have an Account, sign in using your email address and password, select “Settings”, select “Profile”, check the box to join Howie Rewards®, and select “Update” to save this information.

If You already have an Account, sign in using your email address and password, select “Settings”, select “Profile”, check the box to join Howie Rewards®, and select “Update” to save this information.

If you don’t have an Account, click here, complete your new account information, making sure to check the box to join Howie Rewards® before selecting “Register Now”. 

Don’t miss out on exclusive email club deals. Join HowiEmail, which gives You access to our latest offers and promotions.

Don’t forget to update Your Account profile if You have any changes to Your information, such as Your home or email address.

You can have more than one Account, but please note that You will not be able to merge Accounts or transfer Howie Points™ or Rewards from one Account to another.

  • You must be at least thirteen (13) years old and a real, living person (sorry zombies, businesses, robots, and cloud-based AI). Corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and/or other entities cannot be enrolled as members in Howie Rewards® 
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States
  • You must provide accurate account information, including your full name, address and email address
  • “There can be only one” (Yes, that is a reference to the 1986 cult classic Highlander).  We mean that you can only have one (1) person per email address per Howie Rewards® Account, whether or not more than one person uses the same email address.
  • Corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and/or other entities cannot be enrolled as members in Howie Rewards®
  • Employees of Franchise Owners are eligible to sign up for Howie Rewards®, however, any purchases made through an employee discount program are not eligible to receive Howie Points™.

Sponsor reserves the right in its sole and unfettered discretion to change, modify, alter, amend, delete or otherwise update any defined term, including Accounts, Howie Rewards®, these Rules, Reward Codes, Rewards, Howie Points™, or other benefits or offers of Howie Rewards™ at any time, which may be effective immediately. Such changes may include: (i) the number of Howie Points™, Rewards, or other benefits earned on or after the date of change; (ii) the value of already accumulated Howie Points™, Rewards or other benefits; or (iii) the rules, terms and conditions that govern Howie Points™, Rewards or other benefits earned on or after the date of change and change the value of already accumulated Howie Points™ or Rewards. If a change is made, Sponsor will endeavor to provide You notice of such change through Your Account by requiring you check a box to accept such change. If You do not agree with such change or check the box, You will no longer be a participant in Howie Rewards™. Unless otherwise stated, the Rules in effect at the time of Your Qualifying Purchase will apply.

If You decide to stay in Howie Rewards® after a change is made, that will constitute Your agreement and acceptance of any changes of these Rules.

Also, please note that “unfettered” is a word. According to Merriam-Webster, it means “not controlled or restricted”. I guess we could have said that in the first place, but it would not have sounded so cool.

  • Howie Points™ are part of Howie Rewards® and accumulate when you make Qualifying Purchases.
  • Howie Points™ and Rewards are generally added to Your Account within 24 hours, but we cannot warranty or guarantee this. Sometimes, there may be technical difficulties with Howie Rewards® which result in a delay of Howie Points™ or Rewards appearing in or being deducted from Your Account. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES OR DELAYS.
  • Howie Points™ expire 180 days after their issuance date. However, we may extend this at our discretion.
  • Howie Points™ and Rewards have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash.
  • Howie Points™ and Rewards cannot be sold, assigned or transferred in any way.
  • Being granted or provided with Howie Points™ or Rewards does not entitle You to any right of ownership or other vested rights. Howie Points™ and Rewards are not Your property or the property of any other participant in Howie Rewards®. You cannot sell, pledge, assign or transfer Howie Points™, Rewards or Your Account under any circumstances, including, without limitation, by operation of law, upon death, or in connection with any domestic relations dispute and/or legal proceeding. This also means that Your Account, Rewards or Howie Points™ cannot be attached, seized, or levied upon.
  • Rewards cannot be used to make You eligible for any other offer. By way of example, if there is an offer to get a free Howie Bread® with the purchase of any medium pizza, the Reward can’t be used to get the free Howie Bread®.
  • If you have any Howie Points™ or Rewards remaining in Your Account after it is closed or deleted for any reason, then the Howie Points™ and Rewards are no longer valid and You will not be compensated. Sponsor has no obligation to carry over Howie Points™ or Rewards to any other programs that may be established.
  • Void where prohibited by law and subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We can audit Your Account(s) at any time and without notice to ensure compliance with these Rules. If we believe in good faith that the audit shows discrepancies or violations, we may restrict, suspend, delay processing of Howie Points™, Rewards, or other benefits or delete Your Account. During an investigation, we may suspend the Account of a member without notice.
  • We can adjust the number of Howie Points™ or Rewards in your Account at any time and without notice if we discover that Howie Points™ or Rewards were added to or removed from Your Account in error or due to technical difficulties, whether or not we are at fault for such error or technical difficulties.
  • Once Howie Points™ are converted to a Reward and once a Reward is redeemed with a Reward Code, these transactions are final and we are unable to credit, replace or replenish Howie Points™ or Rewards for any reason. This includes situations in which you may be dissatisfied with our product or service and canceling an order or requesting a refund.

Our Franchise Owners have no control over Accounts, so please make sure to check out our FAQs or contact us at [EMAIL ADDRESS] instead of Your local Hungry Howie’s restaurant and we will get back with You within two business days. Make sure to have Your proof of purchase when You contact us. We are here to help.

You can opt out of Howie Rewards® by unchecking the box to join Howie Rewards® within Your Account profile and selecting “Update” to save this information. Once You opt out of Howie Rewards®, You will not be able to retrieve or use any Howie Points or Rewards that may have accumulated.

Sponsor may in its sole discretion remove Your Account from Howie Rewards® if in good faith Sponsor believes that:

  • Fraudulent activity is or may be occurring in Your Account;
  • You are engaging in any activity or taking any actions that are intended to avoid compliance with the Rules;
  • You are deceased;
  • You do not respond to repeated communication attempts regarding the status of Your Account;
  • You reside or relocate to a state where membership is prohibited by law
  • You fail to earn Howie Points™, redeem a Reward or make a Qualifying Purchase within 180 days from Your last Qualifying Purchase


In lieu of termination, Sponsor may in its sole discretion deduct Howie Points™ or Rewards from Your Account, but permit you to continue participating in Howie Rewards™.

All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for Howie Rewards®, accumulation of and redemption of Howie Points™ or Rewards, or Your compliance with these Rules will be resolved by Sponsor in its sole discretion and are subject to the Global Terms of Use.

Sponsor’s failure to enforce any portion of these Rules does not affect or waive Sponsor’s right to enforce such Rules at any time. Additionally, Sponsor’s failure to enforce any portion of these Rules does not constitute a waiver to enforce any other portion of these Rules, at any time.

What Is Hungry Howie’s Limitation of Liability Concerning Howie Rewards®?

Sponsor, its affiliates, subsidiaries, Franchise Owners, and promotional and advertising agencies are not responsible for any printing or computer error, omission, interruption, irregularity, deletion, defect, delay in operations or transmission, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to or alteration of Howie Rewards® materials or for technical, network, telephone equipment, electronic, computer, hardware or software malfunctions of any kind, or inaccurate transmission of Howie Rewards® information due to technical problems or traffic congestion on the internet, at any web site or any combination thereof.

By participating in Howie Rewards®, you accept all responsibility for, and hereby release and agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless, along with our respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, promotion and advertising agencies, assigns, service providers, Franchise Owners, and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, shareholders, and successors, from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, or expenses that may arise from actions taken by you and/or your participation in Howie Rewards®, or for any harm or injury caused by any third party.

In addition to any other remedies, disclaimers, exclusions or limitations of warranties or liability found in our Global Terms of Use , IF WE, SPONSOR, OR OUR FRANCHISE OWNERS IMPROPERLY DENY YOU ANY REWARD, LIABILITY WILL BE LIMITED TO THE EQUIVALENT FAIR MARKET VALUE OF THE REWARD.


Howie Rewards® Statements & Program Updates

You can check your Howie Points™ balance, Account activity, redemption and program information on the status page of Your Account. When you order using our mobile app, the Howie Rewards® section will conveniently provide You an update showing your most-current Howie Points™ balance.  

Don’t forget that in most instances it will take 24 hours for Howie Points™ to appear in Your Account.

If you are a California resident, please click here: