When Is a Pizza a Personal Pizza?

If you believe in yourself, any pizza can be a personal pizza. But, if we’re being honest, we know about a few pizza snobs that will try to prove us wrong. At Hungry Howie’s®, we believe in you to choose what a personal pizza looks like. In the meantime, let’s dig into the debate of what’s considered an authentic personal pizza.

Personal Pizza Facts

Let’s start with the basics, a personal pizza is considered a small pizza that feeds one person. In some cases, these small pizzas can feed 1-2 people, and they would be satisfied. At Hungry Howie’s® our personal pizzas could be:

  • Junior – an 8-inch pizza with 4 slices
  • Small – a 10-inch pizza with 8 slices

You can add as many popular pizza toppings as you want, and you can pair it with as many pizza dipping sauces as you please. After all, this is your personal pizza, and you get to choose your personal preferences.

When to Order a Personal Pizza?

Again, if you ask us, any time is the perfect time to order a Hungry Howie’s® pizza, no doubt. But, since we’re trying to be partial here, we have scoured the web for some answers on when is the perfect time to order a personal pizza.

  • When you’re in a hurry and need a portable pizza option that can fit in a purse or in a backpack.
  • When you want to trick yourself into believing you’re not that hungry for pizza.
  • When you want to have a freshly baked, cheesy, and small crispy pizza.
  • When your bank accounts forbid you to buy a large pizza.
  • When you are in a hurry and need the fastest pizza fix you can get.
  • When you want to feel like a giant near a pizza.
  • When you want to have your own pizza party.

We’re sure you can think of many other reasons to order a personal pizza, these are just some of our ideas.

Scientific Reasons to Order a Larger Pizza

Of course, here come science and math to explain why personal pizzas are not the best idea. But, they’re obviously talking about small pizzas, and we’ve already established a personal pizza is whatever size you want it to be.

But, there’s an engineer out there trying to ruin this for all of us. He believes ordering a small pizza is a big no-no, and at some point, we agree. In his words, you can get a much better deal when you get a bigger pizza, since they’re only slightly costlier than smaller pizzas and they have more pizza for you to enjoy.

Based on this, instead of your personal pizza size being a junior or small pizza, you should go with a medium or large pizza size instead. Although we could say our Pantangle pizza size should also be considered a personal pizza, after all, Hungry Howie’s® fans won’t have an issue eating 15 pizza slices on their own.

When Is It a Personal Pizza Then?

No matter what science or others say, a personal pizza truly is what you want it to be. Even though larger pizza sizes were designed to feed several people if a 20-slice pizza is enough for you that should be your personal pizza, no judgment. In the end, every pizza has the potential to be a personal pizza.



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