Preferred Toppings Portions for Pizza Snobs

When it comes to pizza, we have zero limitations. No matter the style, regardless of the toppings or the flavor, pizza is still pizza and we will enjoy it in all of its glory. But we do have some friends who are sort of "pizza snobs."

We are not kidding. These are the friends that complain about everything, and can even find something wrong with pizza – if you can believe that. To them, for whatever reason, life comes in a set number of topping portions. And when they find themselves with a pizza that has the wrong cheese:pepperoni ratio, they just can’t handle it that well.

How to Spot a Pizza Snob

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of their preferred topping portions, let’s talk about the basics: What are pizza snobs? These are your friends that think they are pizza masters, even when you scored higher on our pizza quiz.

Scan through your friends and see who has these traits:

  • They know pizza history better than a historian
  • They’ve become pizza dough masters
  • They say they've done every pizza hack ever created
  • They question everything about the toppings you choose for your pizza, including the quantity


What Do Pizza Snobs Want?

In a nutshell, pizza snobs want to make pizzas as they wish, in perfect order, and with the ideal ratio of toppings. Neither a pepperoni more nor a pepperoni less, they want an exact amount. We're not sure why they would complain about having extra pepperoni, but we don’t fully understand pizza snobs.

However, we do know the suggested ratio for certain toppings, and we guess that’s what they want. So the next time you eat with a pizza snob, see how they count their toppings to match these ones.

Pepperoni Slice: At least 48 slices.

Baco: Around 6 ounces of bacon. Not sure how your pizza snob friend will count that on.

Chicken Strip: About 10 ounces of chicken. Somewhere around 5 to 6 strips.

Sliced Mushroom: Around 4.75 ounces of mushrooms.

Pepper:  Nearly 8 ounces of peppers.

Pineappl: Close to 6.5 ounces of pineapple chunk. Not sure why someone would chooe  pineapple toppings, but we love them anyway.

Stea: At least 10 ounces of steak.

Bee:  Around 13. ounces of pure beef.

Note that these portions are based on the average moderate toppings over an 18-inch pizza, these numbers can vary per location and pizza chain. So, if you’re a pizza snob reading this, don’t freak out if our numbers don’t match your preferred topping portions.

The Bottom Line

If you ever invite a pizza snob over, make sure you build their pizza considering their preferred topping ratio. But, don’t lose your mind over it. Order extra toppings, and take off the excess. Think about it, this is a win-win for everyone involved. Your friend gets his exact number of pepperoni slices, and you get extras on your slice! What’s to fight about?