5 New Pizza Hacks to Try

If you love pizza, as millions of Americans do, then you are probably eating pizza at least once a week if not more. By now, you know your favorite type of pizza and maybe even how long it takes your delivery to arrive at your place. You might even have your local Hungry Howie’s phone number memorized or bookmarked on your computer.

However, what you might not know is the best method for reheating leftover pizza slices or how to keep your pizzas warm on the drive home from a carryout order.

Have no fear, Hungry Howie’s is here to teach you a pizza hack or two that could change your pizza eating experience.

Pizza Hack #1

Heating up leftovers? For a crispier crust skip the oven and place a glass of water in with your pizza while reheating it in the microwave. Just make sure that the glass you are using is microwaveable safe!

Pizza Hack #2

Skip the paper plates or washing dishes next time you order pizza. Using scissors, cut away the top half of the pizza box where it folds over. Take that large flat cardboard piece and cut it into 4 cardboard “plates.” You can do the same with the bottom half of the box. Not only is this pizza hack easy, it’s also good for the environment. Just make sure you recycle the “plates” when you’re done using them.

Pizza Hack #3

If you ordered carry out and need to keep your pizza warm, use a seat warmer if you have one. If you do not have the luxury of seat warmers, use a large hot/cold bag or insulated carry bag. These bags are often inexpensive and reusable so it’s a win-win.

Pizza Hack #4

Try something new next time you have leftovers and make a pizza sandwich. Take one slice of pizza and add some shredded cheese to the top, then take a second slice and place it on top as if you’re forming a grilled cheese. Use a Panini machine or hot pan to get the pizza warm and cheese melted in the middle.

Pizza Hack #5

If you are picking up carry out, placing the boxes on your front seat sometimes causes the pizza to shift because of the angle of the seat. Avoid this by using an empty soda bottle to prop the pizzas up. Take the bottle and lay it down in the crook of the seat and place the pizza boxes on the seat – the bottle should help create an even plane.

Bonus Hack

If you reheated your pizza and suddenly find yourself the victim of a burnt tongue, pour some sugar on your tongue and rub it onto the roof of your mouth. This hack should quickly get rid of the burning sensation.

Hopefully, these hacks can be useful next time you’re enjoying pizza.