Pizza Hacks Vol. 2

At Hungry Howie’s® we value creative ways to repurpose pizza. After all, no pizza leftover is ever left behind. Following our new pizza hacks to try tips and delicious out-of-the-box ideas on how to eat pizza, today we continue sharing our most fun pizza hacks.

A real pizza lover will follow these hacks, embrace them, and expand them. Anything that helps us enjoy our favorite pizzas in a new way is a top priority for us. Let’s dig into these new pizza hacks.

Pizza Hack #1

Hack: How to keep your pizza fresh in the fridge

You probably know how to reheat your leftover pizza by now; we know you’re a pizza professional. But, have you ever wondered what the best way to keep your pizza on the fridge is? Believe it or not, the answer is not in the box.

It turns out, the answer is storing your pizza slices on top of one another, separated with paper towels, all wrapped with plastic wrap. This way, your pizza slices stay fresh and yummy while they wait to get reheated.

Pizza Hack #2

Hack: To-go pizza box container

At Hungry Howie’s® we are all about recycling, including our pizza boxes. When it’s time to move your leftover pizza from point A to point B, you don’t really need a fancy container to transport it. You can just use your pizza box, do a few cuts here and there to transform the pizza box into a pizza clutch that can help move your pizza wherever you go.

Pizza Hack #3

Hack: DIY brick oven pizza at home

Believe it or not, you can turn your ordinary kitchen oven into a brick oven that will deliver crispy pizza crust every single time. You only need to find two brick tiles, and you’re ready to go.

Although a fancy brick pizza oven in your backyard sounds like a dream come true, not everyone has that luck. But, if you can get your hands on two brick tiles, you can still get the same effect. Set your oven to 500 degrees. Place the tiles in the middle of the oven, one on the bottom rack, another one on the upper rack.

Perfectly lay your pizza on the bottom rack and bake as usual. You will see how the upper brick helps brown the top and the bottom brick helps build that crispy crust you love and adore.

Pizza Hack #4

Hack: DIY pizza laptop stand

As always, we keep following the recycling efforts, and that includes turning your pizza box into a laptop stand. Unfortunately, you can’t keep a pizza slice inside the box once you turn it into a laptop stand. But, you can definitely have a very creative work-space. Fair warning: looking at the pizza box for so long can cause severe pizza cravings.

Pizza Hack #5

Hack: Get more pizza for yourself

We’re not sure if you can get away with this one. But, if you can, there’s a trick you can pull off to get more pizza for yourself. If you cut a strip by the horizontal middle of your pizza, then by the vertical middle of your pizza, you instantly get a smaller pizza without anyone noticing you stole some pizza for yourself.

We’re sure as we continue to experiment with pizza more and more pizza hacks will pop up. In the meantime, we can give these ones a try. Share your favorite pizza hack with Howie on Instagram.