What Is On a Supreme Pizza?

Supreme Pizzas are for those who deeply appreciate all pizza toppings-- for those with tastebuds that love a variety of flavors and enjoy some crunch added to a cheesy pie. At Hungry Howie's®, we know choosing just one or two pizza toppings can be a challenge. There are so many fabulous options on the menu; sometimes, you're in the mood for a little something of everything. Enter the Supreme Pizza.

The Making of Pizza Dough

When making a great pie, everything starts with the pizza dough recipe. A good crust can make or break a pizza, and often, it's the favorite part of the entire dish. Pizza recipes everywhere focus on the dough–the base for everything. The best dough recipes for pizza are ones that have gone through a trial and error process, as chefs tweak and re-tweak the blend until it's just right.

How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery

One of the most common questions we hear regards how much you should tip someone delivering pizza. How much to tip is a challenging question, as it's usually at the discretion of the person receiving the order, and other factors come into play. Deciding on a driver tip may leave you asking yourself, "Did I tip enough?" or "Did I tip too much?" After all, you're not at a restaurant where you sit down, and they hand you the check.