Would You Thank a Self-Driving Car for Delivering Pizza?

In a world of pizza innovations, having pizza delivered by a self-driving car sounds like something straight out of Black Mirror. The thought of that ever becoming a reality seemed outrageous. But, every day we get closer and closer to having our pizzas delivered by self-driving cars. So, the question remains, would you thank the car for your pizza delivery?

The Case for Self-Driving Cars for Pizza Delivery

Some people are still worried about self-driving cars, with the assumption they might somehow take over and run off with your pizza. But, pizza makers and car manufacturers are betting on smart cars that will streamline the delivery process, avoid accidents, and keep pizza warmer.

Those are promising outcomes for any pizza lover. Then, there’s the case for affordability. Self-driving cars mean your delivery fee will be less, you don’t have to give the vehicle a tip, and for pizza chains, it also means fewer gas expenses, lower insurance prices, and so on.

It seems self-driving cars for delivering pizza will soon be the norm across the board, and everyone will benefit from this transition.

The Self-Service Delivery Experience

On both ends of the spectrum, food delivery can be awkward and inconvenient. Then, you have the privacy factor. To some, having a stranger at their doorstep is frightening, to others getting food delivered without the presence of a human being is also scary.

However, it seems the norm is moving towards driverless experience, and some people are even thanking the self-driving cars for the pizza delivery.

After all, it is a human-like experience - something has made an effort to get you pizza in perfect shape, still warm, and exactly as you ordered it. As more self-driving cars are being tested for pizza delivery, their owners are learning more and more about the user experience.

Recently, they found that consumers are in fact saying “thank you” to the car after receiving their pizza. Yet, they are not comfortable using the last 4 digits of their credit card to release their pizza. Maybe it is a matter of trust in a computer’s security, or maybe there’s another reason. Only time will determine the way self-driving cars for food delivery progress.

The Bottom Line on Self-Driving Cars

Humans are still very polite, which is why it's not estranged to hear someone thanking a driverless car for a service. It seems consumers are also embracing the privacy self-driving vehicles provide. And overall, the fact that a self-driving pizza delivery experience can be cheaper, more efficient, and faster is a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process.

The biggest promise with self-driving cars for pizza delivery is that you’ll be able to get your pizza faster, and thanks to a built-in pizza warmer, you’ll never have to worry about your pizza getting cold. Plus, because the car is built specifically for this purpose, you bet there won’t be any pizza fails during the ride.

Now, we want to know from you, next time you are looking for pizza delivery in my area would you thank a self-driving car for pizza delivery?


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