Relaxation Day with Pizza

This year, make sure you plan on celebrating National Relaxation Day. Yes, that’s a thing. Even though it falls on a Wednesday, you can still have the most relaxing day, with pizza of course.

How to Relax with Pizza

We understand you might not have something planned for this day, but we want to share how to plan a relaxation day like a pro to enjoy every second of this fabulous national day.

Set the Mood

First things first, we have to set up a relaxation mood. You can tweak these suggestions to match whatever you think is relaxing. But, we think lighting up candles, getting in our pajamas, turning on our favorite Netflix show, and crawling up on our sofa is the ultimate relaxation mood we can get into.

You can also set the mood by filling up the bathtub with a sparkling bath bomb and background music. Or maybe your relaxing day involves doing nothing and resting in bed until you fall asleep. Whatever your relaxing mood is, go for it and make it happen.

Order Food

If you’re celebrating National Relaxation Day, the last thing you should be doing is cooking or prepping your meals. Instead, take advantage of the wonders of online ordering and delivery. Here’s what you’ll need to order for the ultimate Relaxation Day celebration:

Trust us, less than that won’t make it feel like National Relaxation Day. Wait a few minutes for your order to arrive, and then just layout your order in front of you. No need to cook, no need to find forks and knives, everything is handheld, so all you need is your hands, your appetite, and your happy self, enjoying a relaxing day.


Pizza makes everyone instantly happy, food will make you happy too. By now, you should be very relaxed, we are just writing about it. Block out all worries, all work-related thoughts, forget about your deadline on Friday, all you need to worry about is staying relaxed and enjoying your pizza order.

Have you ever celebrated National Relaxation Day? We plan on celebrating all day long, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, to the moment we shut our eyes at night. Celebrating National Relaxation Day with pizza is no doubt the best way to do it!

Order With Us!

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