The Proper Way to Cut a Pizza

Learning how to cut a pizza the proper way is an art form and it's one that we've mastered here at Hungry Howie's®. As massive pizza enthusiasts, we believe that it's our duty to share our pizza knowledge with the world, helping home chefs and fellow pizza lovers get the perfect slice. How do you cut a pizza, you ask? We're here to show you the way.

How Do You Cut Pizza?

The first thing is first if you're going to slice pizza like the professionals you need some professional equipment. We're talking about a pizza slicer, of course! You can grab one at the local grocery store for just a few dollars, and trust us, it's a worthwhile investment. You'll also want to ensure that if you already have a pizza slicer that the blade is sharp–a dull blade can result in needing to slice through the dough multiple times, making that perfect cut more challenging to make. If you don't have a pizza slicer handy and don't have time to run to the store, no worries. You can also use a large chef's knife. It's best to find one that does not have a serrated edge and that will span the entire circumference of your pizza.

Now that you have your pizza slicer ready to go, it's time to consider how many slices you need to create. Are you going for the classic 8 wedge style or do you need lots of little pieces that are ready to grab and go?

How to Cut a Pizza: Classic Style

If you're going for the classic 8 wedge style of pizza slicing, place your pizza on a cutting board on a hard surface and envision it like a clock. You will want to make straight slices, all the way across the pizza, ranging from 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock. After making that first slice, rotate the pie until that cut appears at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock. Now make another full slice straight up from 6'o'clock to 12 o'clock. By now your pizza will have four giant slices.

Rotate your pizza pie once more, so that your slices look like an "X" when you are looking down. Again, envision a clock and make another slice from 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock. Now, you're almost there. You have just one final rotation and slice to make. You will notice that you have four, equal smaller slices at this point and two larger slices. 

Rotate your pizza once more, so that the two larger slices appear at 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock, and the four smaller slices are on the left and right-hand sides. Make one more even slice from bottom to top, and voila! You now have 8 even pizza slices. 

It's important to always slice away from your body when cutting a pizza and to keep your fingers away from the edges where they may be cut by the sharp pizza slicer. 

How to Cut a Pizza: Grid Style

If you're looking to feed a large number of people, there might be a better way to slice your pizza than the classic 8 wedge style. Consider cutting your pizza into many smaller pieces, using a grid pattern. How many slices you cut will depend on how large your pizza is and how many people you are feeding. Essentially, you can cut your pizza into as few or as many slices as you want. 

This time, look at your pizza and envision it like a tic tac toe board, made up of lots of little squares. You will still make long, single cuts across the entire span of the pizza, but the pattern will differ. Start at the left side of the pizza, and make your first slice approximately 3-inches from the edge, from bottom to top. Then, move 3 more inches toward the inside of the pie and make another full slice. Keep doing this until you reach the right side of the pizza.

Now, rotate your pie so that the existing cuts run side to side. Repeat the same pattern as before, from left to right, creating small square slices of pizza. Once you're done, you'll have tons of bite-sized pizza pieces for your crowd to pull apart.

Order a Pizza for Delivery or Carry-Out

If you're searching for "how do you slice a pizza" and it just seems like too much work, don't worry. We've got you covered. Order a fresh, hot pizza pie for delivery or carry-out from Hungry Howie's® today, and we'll bake your pie just to your liking, and of course, slice it right up for you.

Place an order online or give us a call. You can order one of the delicious pizzas off of our menu or build your own when you choose your toppings. When you order pizza online, you can use the HowieTrack®, which will show you just where your pie is each step of the way until it reaches your door.