Pizza vs. Calzone, Which One Would You Choose?

If you ask us, pizza is life, nothing compares to it. But every once in a while a calzone sounds like a good idea too. They are both cheesy, doughy, delicious forms of pizza if you think about it. Some people would even say a calzone is basically a big pizza folded and baked. We’ve talked about the difference between calzone and Stromboli, now it’s time to discuss the calzone vs. pizza debate.

On one corner, we have a crispy, flat pizza with tangy toppings and extra cheese. On the other, we have a big, fat, overfilled calzone with cheese and mysterious toppings. On that note, let’s get ready to rumble!

Team Pizza

Those on the pizza side argue you should never mess with pizza and its pizza origins. Pizza was meant to be a flat circle, crispy on the borders, with toppings, and melty cheese. To be fairly honest, we don’t see anything wrong with that.

Pizza uses a simple dough of flour, yeast, water, and oil. No fuss there. If you think about versatility, you can also basically turn your pizza into a calzone by folding it in half - just another way to eat your favorite pizza pie.

Pizzas are also easier to reheat and cook. You don’t have to wait so long to indulge in some leftover pizza (if you ever have leftovers). The biggest game changer with pizza is the golden brown cheese on top. You could never get such a broiled effect with a calzone.

The only thing you need to eat pizza is your hands and your appetite. There’s no need for cutlery or fancy equipment, making it an easy-to-eat meal that doesn’t even require plates!

Team Calzone

Those rooting for the calzone team have a few reasons to validate their argument. First of all, they talk about the element of surprise. Even though you know what’s inside you don’t know if you’re going to get more cheese, more toppings, or even more sauce. Then they have a pretty valid point, calzones are covered with crust. So, imagine a Flavored Crust® calzone: That would be utterly delicious.

Another good point is that calzones are more portable than pizzas (even though we all know a pizza hack that can help with that). They try to say that you have endless dipping sauces for calzones, but those on the pizza side have dipping sauces too.

Because calzones are so big and toppings are sort of floating on the inside, you can’t just eat a calzone with your hands. Unfortunately you need a fork and a knife to eat a calzone. Thus, you also need a plate.

The Ultimate Pizza vs. Calzone Winner

Now that you’ve heard both sides of the story, it's time to ask you: between pizza and calzone, which one would you choose?