Hungry Howie’s® Pizza Crossword Puzzle

At Hungry Howie’s® we love testing your pizza knowledge with pizza quizzes. But this time, we wanted to do something more old-school. A crossword puzzle. We’re sure you can finish this crossword puzzle in a beat, you might even want to time yourself and challenge your friends to see who the ultimate pizza crossword winner is. In fact, we say you challenge them and whoever gets the longest time trying to complete the crossword needs to buy everyone Hungry Howie’s® pizza.

This pizza crossword puzzle contains everything you need to know about pizza. From favorite pizza toppings, to selective pizza dipping sauce, a few classic pizza names you must know, and other trivial questions we’re sure you’ll have no problem answering.

If you need any help, check out the hints below. Or, check out our Hungry Howie’s® pizza blog to learn more about pizza and get the answers to all these questions.

Ready? Set, Go!

Try Our Pizza Crossword Puzzle!


3. What you need to do to get pizza near you.

6. The newest Hungry Howie’s® pizza crust addition.

8. It’s not pepperoni, but it’s a classic pizza topping.

9. A popular topping in Delaware.

12. A spicy topping that adds an extra kick to your pizza.

16. Our Meat Eaters pizza has what kind of topping?

21. It’s round, cheesy, and delicious.

22. America’s favorite pizza topping.

23. America’s favorite dressing.

24. A famous pizza style from Chicago.

25. A famous sauce that goes well with everything.

26. Pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, green pepper, onions, Italian sausage, and mozzarella cheese, make what pizza?


1. What’s the name of our Pineapple Pizza?

2. A popular topping in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon. But it makes everything taste better.

3. Another famous Italian dish.

4. The one thing you need to make pizza.

5. What’s our name?

7. We don’t call them chicken wings, we call them …?

10. The greatest thing that ever happened to pizza shops.

11. A chicken-topped pizza flavor with a special sauce.

13. The one dipping sauce you need for pizza.

14. Hungry Howie’s® invented what?

15. Pizza snobs use these to “clean” their pizza.

17. For vegetarians, we have a …

18. If you’re watching your diet, you order a …?

19. What you need to do to get pizza near you.

20. It's the melty thing on your pizza.

Done! How long did it take you to complete? Not to brag, but at Hungry Howie’s® it took us only a few minutes to complete. And, no, that’s not because we created it ourselves. Have fun, take this crossword puzzle with you and share it with your friends to see who can finish it first. Actually, share it with grandma, she might beat you and all of your friends.