The Great Pizza for Breakfast Debate

If you ask a true pizza lover, they will say there’s no wrong time to eat pizza because you can have pizza whenever you want. And, if we're honest, we kind of agree with that. But, after a nutritionist mentioned that pizza was healthier than breakfast cereal, the great pizza for breakfast debate exploded. Because at Hungry Howie’s® we like to be impartial, we’ve decided to look at both sides of the argument to see who wins this debate.

Those NOT In Favor of Pizza for Breakfast

Let’s start with the opposition side. These are the people that are absolutely opposed to having pizza for breakfast. In their opinion, pizza should be reserved for lunchtime or dinnertime only. Their reasons behind not eating pizza for breakfast vary widely.

But generally, we found that people don’t see the nutritional value of having pizza for breakfast. Instead, they prefer to have a well-balanced breakfast that includes eggs, bacon, toasts, and in some cases breakfast cereals.

However, we can argue that pizza is highly nutritional. After all, you have cheese, fresh tomato sauce, you can add toppings such as pepperoni or chicken. What’s more well-balanced than that? As the nutritionist said, a slice of pizza contains more fat and less sugar than most breakfast cereals so you won’t get the sugar crash with pizza.

To all fairness, we understand the argument coming from those not in favor of pizza for breakfast. We get that you are more of an afternoon or night person who likes to preserve life’s precious things, aka pizza, for more special occasions than breakfast.

Here’s what some of you had to say about being NOT in favor of pizza for breakfast. We can see some of you are confused about the whole debate.

Those IN Favor of Pizza for Breakfast

Moving on to those in favor of pizza for breakfast. In all fairness, you guys rule this debate. We found way more people rooting for pizza for breakfast than those against. We hear your voices loud and clear college students, life is tough you deserve to have pizza for breakfast. We also get those that are finally realizing that adulting is hard, and having pizza for breakfast should be socially accepted.

Well, your prayers have been heard because now eating pizza before 10 AM is socially accepted. In fact, breakfast pizza is now celebrated. Because who doesn’t want to celebrate waking up to pizza leftovers ready to be reheated and served for breakfast?

Those in favor of pizza for breakfast understand the beauty of pizza. Everyone in favor of breakfast pizza knows well that life is too short not to enjoy a pizza slice in the morning.

However, in this group of breakfast pizza lovers there is an inner debate that also raises up some controversy. When it comes to breakfast pizza, the cold vs. hot pizza debate is at its fullest discussion. We’re not going to take sides on this issue. Instead, we would suggest that you eat your pizza the way you like it the most without judging others for their preferences. After all, we’re all one big breakfast for pizza community.

Here’s what some of you had to say about your love for pizza for breakfast.

After all, whether you love or hate pizza for breakfast, what’s more important is that you like the pizza at some point during the day. In the meantime, let’s get this debate settled once and for all. Do you love or hate pizza for breakfast?