Deep Fried Pizza Exists!

The pizza gods finally heard your prayers and delivered the best of two worlds to give us all: deep-fried pizza. Yes! All the cheesiness, the sauciness, and the crispness we love about pizza in a deep fried presentation. But, before you go on and say someone out there suddenly invented deep fried pizza, hold it for a second.

Deep fried pizza is nothing new, in fact in Naples, there’s something called “pizza fritta” which means fried pizza and resembles something similar to a calzone. But, let’s explore the story of deep fried pizza a little further. After all, a true pizza lover is always looking to expand its pizza knowledge.

Deep Fried Pizza Origin

It seems like everyone has their own version of fried pizza, but the most common one could be attributed to Naples that has served the fried pizza for decades now. It is said that the deep-fried pizza with fillings in between the dough resembling a calzone first saw the light at a pizza shop in Starita, Naples back in 1910. So, NO, your friend did NOT invent deep-fried pizza.

Generations later, Antonia Starita started a new style of deep-fry pizza that involved deep-frying the dough, adding the toppings and baking it on a wood-burning oven, just as a traditional pizza. This style became very popular in states like New York.

Another country that picked up the deep-fried pizza trend about forty years ago was Scotland. Here, you have a deep-fried pizza slice. It’s a frozen or already baked pizza slice, with toppings and everything, dipped in a frying batter, and deep-fried to perfection. The popular dish has become a street-food staple in a country that loves all things fried.

How to Make Deep Fried Pizza

Before you even attempt to make deep fried pizza at home, make sure you have the right pizza tools to cook this dish properly. You’re going to need a deep-fryer, an apron, protective gloves, and plenty of space to fry your pizza.

Making Traditional Deep Fried Pizza

To make the Naples-style deep-fried pizza, you need to turn your pizza into a calzone. For that, you have several options. You can order your favorite Hungry Howie’s® pizza, fold it in half, secure it with toothpicks, and dip it in the fryer.

Making Scotland Deep Fried Pizza

If you want to use your pizza leftovers to make Scotland-style deep fried pizza, you only need a few other tools and ingredients to turn your pizza slices into traditional Scotland deep-fried pizza.

For the Batter: You’ll need eggs, milk, and flour.

For the crust: Fine Italian breadcrumbs.

For the pizza: Your favorite Hungry Howie’s® pizza slice, and an ice-cream toothpick.

In a bowl combine the eggs, milk, and flour to create your deep-fried batter. Stick the ice-cream toothpick into the pizza slice, starting at the crust border. Dip the pizza slice on the batter mixture, then pass it through the Italian breadcrumbs, repeat for extra crispiness. Follow and deep fry the pizza slice for about five minutes. Let it rest, and enjoy!

Your Reaction to Deep-Fried Pizza

Truth is not everyone loves deep-fried pizza. We love our traditional pizzas, but wouldn’t mind experimenting with some creative leftover recipes. After all, not everyone has love everything. But, Twitter had some funny reactions to deep-fried pizza, and we can’t stop looking at them.

Is your mouth watering by now? A deep-fried pizza is perhaps the best thing that has ever happened to pizza since we invented our Flavored Crust® pizzas. But, let’s be honest, would you eat a deep-fried pizza?

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