7 Crazy Pizza-Related Inventions

When it comes to pizza-related inventions, it’s hard to think about bad ideas. After all, anything involving pizza is an invention in the right direction. But, even though we are pizza fans, we have to remain honest and remain partial about these inventions. To be honest, these can either be the worst pizza-related inventions ever or the answers to all your pizza prayers.

Go through these pizza-related inventions. Think about them for a second or two. And at the end, please let us know which one you think is the worst invention ever.

Gas-Powered Pizza Cutter

You know how sometimes you’re so tired you can’t even use a pizza cutter? We’ve been there too, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Thanks to this gas-powered pizza cutter, you can cut your pizza in seconds. But it doesn’t stop there, you can actually make sure you cut precise slices thanks to its laser pointer.

Brilliant? Or just pure nonsense? We’ll leave it to you to decide.

Pizza Cheese Clippers

We’ve all been caught up in that awkward moment when an infinite string of cheese pulls from our pizza slice. No matter how we try to eat it, the cheese string just keeps getting longer and longer. Can you imagine if that happened on a date? Well, we would argue that’s much better than taking out these cheese clippers to cut the string.

If you ask us, we will stay with using our hands to cut the cheese string. We like to stay traditional.

The Beard Napkin

We’re really hoping we don’t see this coming to a pizza shop near us. The beardkin is a unique napkin for guys with beards. It protects your beard from getting pizza sauce or cheese. Although, that’s just extra pizza for later, right?

Pizza Flavored Mints

Who would like their breath to smell like pizza? Although we love the taste of pizza, we’re not about to have pizza breath every day. Then, there’s the question are these pepperoni pizza mints or pineapple pizza mints? We don’t even know who came up with this idea, but pizza mints are definitely leading our top worst pizza-related inventions ever.

Pizza Pocket Shirt

First of all, this makes no sense. Unless this pizza pocket has some sort of plastic lining, we don’t know who would ever toss a hot, melty, and possibly greasy pizza slice in their pockets. We get the fact that you want your pizza for later and you want to carry it with you, but we’re sure there are better ways to carry your leftover pizza.

Sorry, but this is a pizza fashion crime.


Besides making you extremely hungry on your morning commute, this pizza car freshener will only attract pizza eating critters you don’t want in your car. Plus, it will probably make you smell like pizza too, and your co-workers and friends are not going to appreciate your pizza fragrance.

The only pizza smell we want to experience is the one we get when we open a Hungry Howie’s® pizza box that was just delivered to our homes.

Pizza Keeper

We kind of understand the thought behind this pizza-related invention. After all, there are many friends, family member, and co-workers trying to steal your leftover pizza. And you have to find a way to protect it. But, having some sort of protector or case for it is just too much. It also means that whenever you want to eat your leftover pizza, you have to find the key to open the case. What happens if you lose the key?

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