3 Quick Ways to Spice up Your Salad

When we order from Hungry Howie’s®, our first option is always pizza. But, we also know that come Monday, we want to give our diet a try again. So, we end up ordering a fresh salad, that’s delicious on its own. Yet, let’s face it, it will never be like pizza.

But, here at Hungry Howie’s®, we like to be very creative when it comes to eating healthy. Keep on reading to find out our quick ways to spice up your salad and actually look forward to ordering a salad for lunch. Yes, you read that right – excited.

Upgrade Your Croutons

Let’s get something straight from the very beginning. We can’t eat a salad without croutons, it’s our number one rule when it comes to salads. But, even croutons can get very repetitive and boring after a while. Don’t you think?

Pizza Croutons

Say hello to pizza croutons! When you mix the crunchiness of traditional salad croutons with the flavor or your favorite pizza, you get a match made in heaven known as pizza croutons. Don’t worry, you don’t need to run to the store to get them, your leftover pizza will do. They are super easy to do, and if you follow Hungry Howie’s® diet plan, you know pizza croutons are a part of your meal prepping routine.

Howie Bread® Croutons

Alright, if you don’t have the time to make your own pizza croutons, don’t despair. Let’s say you are ordering a fresh salad at work, and you don’t want another boring salad. Well, order some Howie Bread® with your salad, chop it, and use it as croutons for your salad. If we were you, we would order the 3 Cheeser Howie Bread® for an even better upgrade.

Experiment with Dressings

Alright, now let’s talk about dressing. Here’s when we say it’s okay to order the dressing on the side. But, not because we’re counting calories, but because we want to upgrade our dressing options. The fastest way to spice up your salad is by choosing some non-traditional dressings.

Pizza Dipping Sauce®

We all have a favorite pizza dipping sauce, but have you ever thought about adding it to your salad? Mind blowing, right? Imagine an Antipasto Salad paired with garlic butter sauce, the Greek Salad with blue cheese dip, or the Chef Salad with a side of Sriracha. Is your mouth watering yet? Ours is!

Toss In Unexpected Toppings

Last, but not least, let’s talk about toppings. Your fresh salad naturally comes with crisp toppings over a perfect Romaine mix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t expand your toppings horizon. Be bold, be brave, be authentic, and get ready to spice up your salad in epic proportions.

Howie Wings®

Oh yes! We want to pair our fresh salads with our tender, crispy, and saucy Howie Wings®. Why? Because we can! Be smart and get some boneless Howie Wings®, chopped them up, and toss them with your salad. And, you’re still being healthy because you’re pairing them with salad, remember? We love how the Sriracha Boneless Howie Wings® pair with the Spicy Chicken Salad and don’t get us started on the Chef Salad and Buffalo Boneless Howie Wings® combo.

Next time you order a fresh salad, you will be actually very excited about your order. There are so many ways to spice up your salad so you can mix and match your favorite Hungry Howie’s® menu options. And, in fact, you could use all these ways with one dish to create a colossal spiced up salad.