How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery

One of the most common questions we hear regards how much you should tip someone delivering pizza. How much to tip is a challenging question, as it's usually at the discretion of the person receiving the order, and other factors come into play. Deciding on a driver tip may leave you asking yourself, "Did I tip enough?" or "Did I tip too much?" After all, you're not at a restaurant where you sit down, and they hand you the check. Does the same 15%-20% rule apply?

How much to tip a pizza delivery driver has long been a topic of conversation. At the end of the day, you decide what's appropriate in your scenario, but there are several things to consider. These include timeliness, friendliness, whether your order was correct or missing items, whether your delivery driver exceeded expectations and etiquette.

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At Hungry Howie's, we do our best to ensure you get the correct order quickly, every time from a smiling face. Our drivers are trained to go the extra mile so you get the best delivery experience. Keep reading to learn more about deciding the tip for a driver delivering pizza.

How Much Does a Pizza Delivery Driver Make?

Pizza delivery drivers can make a wide range in money. Usually, their total pay is a combination of a base hourly amount and tips. Some pizza places reimburse drivers for the mileage on their cars, while others provide a company vehicle or don't reimburse at all. This is something to consider, as drivers' vehicles wear and tear heavily. From more frequent oil changes and tire replacements, it can get expensive.

Legally, all states mandate that employee compensation equal at least minimum wage, though tips can contribute toward that number. As a tip-based culture, most hourly rates start low–usually around that minimum wage. Some stores also provide extra compensation per delivery–generally less than $2.00 per drive.

These things make total driver compensation somewhat unreliable as it fluctuates weekly. Things that make a difference include tips, how far a driver goes if they're being reimbursed, and how busy a restaurant is.

In America, the average wage for a pizza driver begins at approximately $37,000 a year and maxes out at around $56,000. The median earnings are about $47,000 annually, though it's much less in certain states. Region can also affect delivery drivers' paychecks, and some states report that drivers earn $24,000 or less.

How Much Do You Tip for a $20 Pizza Delivery?

If you're ordering pizza for one or two people, you can expect to pay around $20.00 total after food, delivery fees, tax, and add-ons like drinks or sides. In this case, $3.00 is generally an acceptable tip. This rule also applies to smaller orders, though many restaurants have a minimum cost of what qualifies for delivery.

After you surpass that $20.00 mark, pizza experts suggest you tip the person delivering pizza a minimum of $5.00 per order.

Is $5 a Good Tip for Pizza Delivery?

If your total order exceeds $20.00, a driver tip of $5.00 is the minimum number when it comes to etiquette. However, consider tipping more if you have a large order with multiple pies, sides, drinks, etc. These larger orders can be challenging to carry, take up room in the car that could be used for other deliveries, and may take multiple trips to your door.

This is especially true if the person delivering pizza serves a party, like a child's birthday or office lunch. In these cases, larger tips are appropriate. Consider that bringing large orders from the car to the door, especially if they're coming and going more than once, taking elevators or stairs, can be physically taxing. Lifting heavy pizzas can sometimes turn into physical labor.

How Much Do You Tip for Pizza Delivery in 2023?

Over the past decade, tipping culture has changed. While 15% used to be the "standard" for many sit-down restaurants, millennials, and Gen Z now set the bar at 20%. You'll likely see tip requests at coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and more. But deciding how much to tip a pizza delivery person has always been up for debate.

Remember that pizza delivery is a service. Just as you tip for other services, like haircuts, nails, white-glove delivery, and more, delivery drivers also deserve tips.

According to Business Insider, many still go by the 15%-20% rule. However, they urge consumers to consider the factors mentioned above when making a final decision.

Should You Tip a Flat Dollar Amount or Percentage of Price?

How much to tip a person delivering pizza is likely to be an ongoing debate, as it always has been. One part of the debate is whether to tip a flat dollar amount or a percentage of your total bill. Pizza experts say that $3.00 for a small order is standard, that you should always tip at least $5.00 for orders over that amount, and that if you have a particularly large order, you should switch to a percentage versus a flat dollar rate.

Ultimately, how much to tip is up to you. If you received poor service, your order was wrong, the driver was rude, or you had a poor experience, tipping under the standard amount may be okay. However, it's important to remember that a mistake with your order is generally not the driver's fault. They bring what the restaurant prepares and perform their specific job. Don't blame the driver if there's a problem with your order. Instead, call the restaurant and inform them; they'll often offer to make it right.

Should You Tip During the Order or In Person?

Now that you can do virtually everything online, including ordering and tipping for pizza delivery, it begs the question: When is the right time to give a tip? There's an old saying that cash rules, and many drivers prefer cash tips when they arrive.

Remember that when you tip online at the time of purchase, you can't alter that tip. So, if your driver goes above and beyond, consider giving them additional cash at the time of delivery. Many people are accustomed to only tipping delivery drivers cash or signing a receipt when they arrive. Both ways of tipping are entirely acceptable.

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