When is National Pizza Party Day?

A pizza with pepperoni and black olives with an American flag in the background.

It's the question everyone is asking–"When is National Pizza Day?" At Hungry Howie's®, this is our favorite day of the entire year. No other holiday can compare because no other holiday pays such great homage to our favorite dish. Pizza brings everyone together, which is a beautiful thing. And better than that, pizza is delicious. National Pizza Day is always celebrated on February 9, 2024.

While February 9, 2024, is the official "National Pizza Day," other important dates exist. There are actually eleven National holidays each year that are entirely dedicated to pizza. That averages almost one pizza day a month! What a fantastic thing to look forward to.

These ten days give you so many opportunities (and great excuses) to order pizza and serve the masses. Plan regular pizza party days for the office, surprise the kids "at random," and indulge in your favorite food delight.

Hungry Howie's® is here to bring you the inside scoop (or slice, should we say?) on all these important days. They're near and dear to our hearts, and we're excited to share them with you. We're also standing by every day to serve up a hot pizza whenever you get the craving.

What Day is National Pizza Day in 2024?

"The" National Pizza Day in 2024 is February 9. This is the all-encompassing pizza day for all things relating to tasty pies. On this day, you'll find school cafeterias serving the dish, companies treating their employees, and social media posts abound featuring #NationalPizzaDay. Brands from all industries love to participate. Pizza is one thing that everyone can agree on.

But, eleven different days yearly celebrate pizza on the national calendar. We know you want to take advantage of every opportunity to join the festivities. Check out the dates below, pull out your phone, mark them, and set alerts so you'll never miss one of these special holidays.

11 National Pizza Days In America

  1. National Pizza Day: Celebrated on February 9, this is the most well-known one of them all.
  2. Pi Day: If you can recite the first ten digits of Pi, well, you're amazing. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your incredible knowledge by ordering...a pie! Of course, even if you're not a math buff, you can join in. National Pi Day is March 14 every year.
  3. National Deep-Dish Pizza Day: Deep-dish pizza made its American debut in the late 1800s, famously in Chicago. With such a unique style and preparation, this type of pie deserves its own day. We celebrate deep-dish pizza annually on April 5.
  4. National Pizza Party Day: Hey! A day to celebrate the parties with pizza! What dish would you bring to the gathering? We're guessing a pie, but sides like cheesy bread, fresh salads, and dessert will do, too. Hold your pizza party on May 19 yearly, and make it a tradition.
  5. Pizza Margherita Day: Yum! Fresh mozzarella and basil paired with delicious sauce and dough. Margherita pies are a fan-favorite, with lovers celebrating on June 11.
  6. National Cheese Pizza Day: This is your day if you love your pie plain. We won't blame you if you throw some toppings in, but let's take a moment to appreciate the cheese, for without it, a pizza would be nothing. Grab a cheese pizza on September 5 each year to celebrate.
  7. National Pepperoni Pizza Day: Pepperoni is consistently voted America's favorite pizza topping, so it makes sense that it has its own national holiday. Pepperoni lovers rejoice on September 20.
  8. National Pizza Month: You heard that right. Not only are there many days dedicated to pizza, but the entire month of October is National Pizza Month in the U.S. We say order pizza all 31 days if you want–and a Halloween pizza party always hits the spot.
  9. National Sausage Pizza Day: Right behind pepperoni, sausage continuously polls among diners as one of their top three favorite pizza toppings. Celebrate this meaty pie on October 11.
  10. Worldwide Pizza Makers Day: Pizza has deep-rooted origins that trace back to ancient civilizations, and pizza makers all over the world carry on their traditions. There are classic Italian pies, Brazilian and Hungarian pizzas, and more. Each version has its special ingredients and features. On October 25, we celebrate pizza makers around the world and their delicious creations.
  11. National Pizza with The Works (Except Anchovies) Day: That's right–there's an entire day dedicated to excluding one pizza topping. Anchovies are almost as controversial as pineapple. Do they belong on a pizza or not? Most Americans say "no," hence the day that adamantly denies adding the topping to your pie.

We encourage you to celebrate pizza as many times as you want throughout the year, but adding these fun dates to your routine gives you excellent opportunities to throw fabulous pizza parties with a purpose.

Is National Pizza Day The Same Every Year?

Yes! National Pizza Day (and all the subsequent pizza party days that are just as much fun) is celebrated on the same day each year. However, this national holiday is a new-ish concept. Americans first began celebrating around 2000, making it almost 25 years old. A quarter century of official pizza parties!

While we don't know who started National Pizza Day or where we thank the inventors from the bottom of our hearts.

Pizza Party Ideas for National Pizza Day

With so many National Pizza Day variations, you may be looking for fun pizza party ideas to commemorate each one. A few great ways to participate in the festivities include:

  • Poll coworkers or the kids on favorite toppings to determine what types of pies will appear at each pizza party.
  • Stick with the theme! Pepperoni, cheese, or sausage-only, and of course, no anchovies when called for.
  • Make your own pizzas. This is an excellent idea for Worldwide Pizza Makers Day. Get everyone involved, and celebrate yourselves as superb chefs,
  • Share on social media. Take pictures of your pizza parties your favorite creations, or post your favorite pizza memes. Make sure you use the hashtag #NationalPizzaDay to spread awareness.
  • Order a pizza for the family. You can bring the celebration home even if you're not having a massive pizza party day. Have a small pizza party with your partner, friends, or kids. It's sure to be a hit, no matter what.

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