Would You Eat Pizza Ice Cream?

In the culinary world, there are so many complex combinations we never thought possible. But, we’re always surprised when someone decides to come up with a new way of eating pizza, we have seen pineapple pizza, we’ve seen cheese-less pizza, and we’ve seen everything else in between.

But, when we heard someone out there had the imagination and braveness to blend two of our favorite foods in history, we’re intrigued. Yes, someone decided to invent a pizza flavored ice cream. We repeat, somewhere in this world, there is a little shop selling pizza flavored ice cream.

Pizza Flavored Ice Cream

It all started in Philadelphia, with a small ice cream parlor that’s known for creating unusually flavored ice creams. Some of their inventions include flavors such as Rye Breach Cheesecake, Creamy Iris Potato, and even Maryland Bar-B-Que ice cream.

Yet, the most impressive of all is their pizza flavored ice cream. It’s the perfect combination of ice cream base, blended to perfection with oregano, tomato, some salt, garlic, and basil. Seems like a Margherita pizza to us, right? It’s only missing the cheese. We wonder if one could get pepperoni toppings on that ice cream scoop.

Finally, you don’t have to avoid eating pizza to get your dessert, you can just have both at once!

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Pizza Crust Flavored Ice Cream

Moving on, there are some guys in a little restaurant in New York selling a pizza crust ice cream. It genuinely has pizza crust pieces. It comes in its own ice cream bowl, or you can order it atop a cinnamon-sugar pizza, for an extra layer of pizza flavor.

The process is not that complicated. The chef bakes a plain pizza dough, which is then toasted again and charred. The pizza dough pieces are then added to a gelato base. It’s left to soak all the pizza dough greatness overnight. By the morning the mix goes into an ice cream maker, and voila pizza crust ice cream.

The end result? A toasty, somewhat sweet, and malty ice cream that resembles Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

We wonder what the result would be if we decided to try pizza crust ice cream using any of our Flavored Crust® pizza creations. Are you craving pizza ice cream yet?

Twitter’s Pizza Ice Cream Reactions

Of course, we had to see what you guys were saying about pizza-flavored ice cream online. And you guys have been dreaming about this for years. We sort of agree with you, a match between pizza and ice cream seems like something only the pizza Gods would do for us. But, we also agree with those who think a pizza ice cream is barbaric. After all, we’re in a no-judgment zone over here.





But honestly, let’s say you had the chance to visit one of these restaurants, or that you would try to do one of these at home… would you try pizza-flavored ice cream?

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