Would You Eat Mustard Pizza? It's a Thing.

If you thought the pineapple pizza topic was a hot debate, we have another one for you. Would you eat mustard pizza? The question made national headlines last year, as people scratched their heads at such a seemingly odd culinary combination.

Mustard? On pizza? Is that even a thing? It is, and here at Hungry Howie's® we're game to try any pizza combination. We believe that there's no such thing as a bad pizza, so why not give it a try? After all, you can't knock it if you've never had it. 

What Is Mustard Pizza?

Mustard pizza is exactly as it sounds- pizza with mustard on it. Some variations have the classic tomato sauce that diners are so familiar with replaced with mustard entirely, while others include it as a topping or a dipping sauce

The unique dish originated accidentally, according to Food Insider. A customer at a pizzeria in New Jersey meant to order a mushroom pie, but the store misunderstood and instead created a mustard pie. But the creation has taken off. 

Now, pizzerias around the country, from New York City to Detroit, are making variations on the "new" dish. While some claim that they've been dipping their slices in mustard for ages, until recently, mustard pizza wasn't widely available for purchase. 

Mustard Pizza Makes Headlines

Sure, pineapple pizza has sparked social media debate, and maybe even intense discussions around the dinner table. But mustard pizza is making headlines all over the place. We're talking major headlines. 

Mustard pizza has caught the attention of:

  • The Daily Meal
  • The Rachael Ray Show
  • Thrillist
  • The TODAY Show
  • Delish
  • Time Magazine

For a pizza to make such a wave says a lot. If that doesn't convince you to give it a try, we've compiled more evidence below.

Why Mustard Might Make Sense

While the topping may seem strange at first, once you think a little more about it, it starts to make sense. Think of all the things you eat with mustard. A ham and cheese sandwich, for instance. The sandwich is made of bread, ham, and of course cheese. 

Pizza, which Hungry Howie's® offers with ham as an available topping, is built on a base of dough. A type of bread, one might say. Add the ham and cheese, and voila. Suddenly the dish doesn't seem so foreign. 

You put peppers on a sandwich, no? Chicken, onions, and fresh tomatoes? All key ingredients in popular sandwiches. What about ground beef? Mustard goes great on a cheese burger, doesn't it? Think about it – mustard pizza may be an amazing culinary evolution. 

It could possibly be the best idea that no one had yet thought of. 

Mustard Pizza at Hungry Howie's®

Here at Hungry Howie's®, we're dedicated to making pizza dreams come true. Do you want a mustard pizza? You got it. We'll never deny our customers of a unique pizza creation. We're continuously inspired by the topping combinations our customers come up with, and we're here to make it happen.

If you're not entirely sold on the idea of a whole mustard pizza without tomato sauce, we have another option for you. Try out honey mustard sauce for dipping to get your feet wet. It's a great way to dip your crust, try different topping mixes, and see if you like the idea of mustard pizza. 

If you end up loving it, place an order for a whole mustard pie next time. 

Spread the Love of Mustard Pizza

The great thing about mustard pizza is that it's such a unique dish that it makes for a great topic of conversation. Next time you're at the dinner table, or sharing a pizza over lunch, break out the honey mustard sauce. 

Dare your friends and family to try a mustard pizza from Hungry Howie's® and spread the love. You can bond over the new, trendy, if not bizarre pizza pie. And hey, you might even find your new favorite. 

Order Your Pie Today

If we've convinced you to give mustard pizza a try, and we hope we have, place your order at Hungry Howie's® today. Tell us whether you'd like to substitute the tomato sauce entirely for mustard, or add a side of honey mustard dipping sauce to your order.

Either way, we'll make it happen.