Why Is Pizza Great for Every Age?

We all know pizza is the most popular food everywhere, and there’s no age limit to enjoy pizza. From toddlers to the elderly, pizza is great for every age. It’s a delicious, fun, and easy to enjoy pizza that makes everyone happy. But, to go into detail, we’re going to show you why pizza is great at every age stage.

Toddlers & Preschoolers

Toddlers are all kids from 1-3 years, while preschoolers are children from 3-5 years. At this stage, kids are experiencing a significant physical growth. But, at the same time, they’re experimenting with different flavors and foods. While they might not love to eat broccoli and carrots for lunch, they might be okay enjoying a veggie pizza. Everything covered in cheese and in pizza format simply seems more delicious for children.

Pizza is a great way to introduce children to foods such as vegetables, chicken, beef, and other delicious pizza toppings. Plus, it is a handheld food that will make them feel independent since they won’t need your help to eat.

Toddlers Pizza Order: Since they’re just beginning to explore flavors, we think an xtra cheese pizza or a veggie pizza is the best way to start eating pizza.


By the time they become grade-schoolers, they’ll be between 5-12 years old, and they are most likely obsessed with pizza by now. During this age stage, children begin practicing sports, having sleepovers, and more. That’s when the pizza comes in the handiest. Instead of cooking for 10+ hungry children, moms and dads can just go ahead an order pizza from Hungry Howie’s® without risking kids not liking the food. We’ve never heard a grade-schooler complaint about eating pizza before.

Grade-schoolers Pizza Order: By now, they’re more adventurous, pizza orders such as pepperoni and BBQ chicken are fun options.

Pre-teens & Teens

Once the children enter their teen ages, between 12 and 18 years old, it starts to become a challenge for parents. During this stage, kids tend to be more rebellious, they want to make their own choices, and they just want to break the rules.

However, there’s one thing parents and teenagers will always agree on: pizza is life. Ordering pizza is the ultimate peace treaty for families with teenagers, and when they order veggie pizza or pizza with some protein, they can at least make sure their teenage children are getting some nutritional value with their meals. After all, no one can live on mac n’ cheese alone. Right?

Teens Pizza Order: At this point, they might want to go against their parents so they might love pineapple pizza or order one of our party favorites, bbq chicken pizza near you!

Young Adults

Even though they don’t like to be called young adults, those in the 18-21 age stage, are considered young adults. At this stage, most likely they have moved away from home to college, and are tighter on money than ever before. That’s why pizza is the ultimate food choice during this age stage. It is affordable, it’s delicious, and it’s nutritional, that’s the power of pizza.

Young adults love pizza the most, they know all the pizza is reheating tricks, they know a million recipes they can do with pizza, and they know that pizza is good for their financial budget.

Young Adults Pizza Order: They want to get the most out of their pizza, so young adults may stay with options such as Meat Eaters, The Works pizza, and Veggie pizza.


However, the love for pizza doesn’t stop when you hit 21. If any, it grows bigger and bigger as we age. Back in college pizza was your favorite food choice because it was affordable. As an adult, pizza will remain your favorite food choice because is fast. Between work, family, personal life, and more, who has time to sit down and cook a full meal? Instead, we all have the time to pick up our phones, go online or call, and order a Hungry Howie’s® pizza that can even be delivered to the comfort of our homes without spending any time cooking or grocery shopping.

Adults Pizza Order: Adults have explored the many flavors of pizza by now, they know what they like and dislike. So, they will only order their favorite pizza, which may be Pepperoni, or Chicken Bacon Ranch, or maybe they just build their own. Hungry Howie's has the fastest chicken bacon ranch pizza delivery near you so it's more convenient than ever!

From the first moment we try pizza, it becomes a part of our life, and it accompanies us through our many age stages. The truth is, no matter how you look at it, pizza is the perfect food at every age.