Who Invented Ranch Dressing?

Imagining a life without ranch dressing is hard. We use it for everything from salads to burgers to chicken wings and everything in between. The truth is ranch dressing has been part of our food history for over 60 years.

History tells us ranch dressing was created in 1949 by a plumber-turned-cowboy in Alaska. Steve Henson is the man behind this dressing perfection. In fact, Henson moved to California and purchased a ranch he called Hidden Valley Ranch, which made the now famous dressing a staple.

Funny enough, the recipe for ranch dressing, came from the pursuit of the perfect buttermilk dressing. The mix of buttermilk dressing, with garlic, onions, and herbs was what eventually turned into the ranch dressing we know and love today.

Who Invented Ranch Dressing on Pizza?

Have you ever wondered who invented Ranch Dressing on Pizza? Luckliy, this delicious condiment was created by a Nebraska cowboy, Kenneth Henson, while wokring as a contrator in the remote Alaskan Bush. As for the asnwert to started the trend of ranch dressing on pizza, that will remian a mystery. Who can truly know who was the first to add ranch dressing to their pizza?!    

Secret Facts about Ranch Dressing

Today, ranch dressing is touted as America’s favorite dressing. And we can’t argue with that. It’s not only sold across the U.S. and in over 30 countries. Here are some surprising facts about ranch dressing you may not know:

  • Ranch-flavored soda is a thing.
  • There are 70+ varieties of ranch dressing.
  • Ranch dressing day is March 10.
  • Ranch dressing is present in 36% of the menus in the country.
  • Ranch dressing is the companion of 54% of entrees.
  • The average American eats salad dressing 38 times a year, and 16 of those times, it is ranch dressing.

What Goes Well With Ranch Dressing?

At Hungry Howie’s® we love ranch dressing, and we know you do too. Besides the traditional salad dressing presentation, ranch can be paired with so many other delicious foods. These are some not-so-common combinations you can make with ranch dressing:

  • Tomatillo Ranch Dressing
  • Ranch Flavored Crust®
  • Chicken Wings (of course)
  • French Fries
  • Hot Dogs
  • Grilled Jalapenos with Bacon and Ranch
  • Skillet Spicy Ranch Chicken

America loves ranch dressing, and we couldn’t agree more. With which foods do you eat ranch dressing?

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