Which Pizza Crust Is Flavor Is the Best?

When it comes to pizza crust, not all are created equally. You may not think about dough flavor often when ordering a pie, but at Hungry Howie's®, it's always top of mind. That's because we're home to the famous Flavored Crust® pizza, and it's something we take great pride in serving to our customers. What began as a simple act of adding sesame seeds and butter to our crusts back in the day, our crust and dough flavor evolved into something much more.

Today, we have eight different pizza crust flavors. Each one is better than the next, complementing our menu items perfectly. Everyone has their favorite, which sparks much debate over what Flavored Crust® is the best. The correct answer is that there is no answer! The best Flavored Crust® is one you like the most with your favorite pie.

The History of Hungry Howie's® Flavored Crust®

As the original home of Flavored Crust®, we love to share stories regarding its origins. Our restaurants first came to be in 1973 in Taylor, Michigan. By 1982 we began franchising our stores as popularity soared. Within three years of opening the first Hungry Howie's® franchise, more than 65 stores were in operation. Today, there are over 550 locations in 22 states. People all over the country can now enjoy our Flavored Crust®.

The inception of Hungry Howie's® Flavored Crust® began at one of our first franchises. After that first location, which started with sesame seeds and butter, we began to expand our horizons and start the testing process for even more flavorful additions to the menu. In 1985, we launched all eight flavors in a small number of our restaurants to gauge customer demand. The flavors included butter, butter cheese, asiago cheese, ranch, onion, cajun, sesame, and garlic herb. As it turns out, customers loved the idea. We're now famous for these delectable dough flavors on our crust.

Which Hungry Howie's® Flavored Crust® Is the Best?

The question of which Hungry Howie's® Flavored Crust® sparks much debate among customers. The choice of eight mouthwatering flavors makes it understandable that sometimes everyone can't agree. However, we provide the opportunity to combine different flavors on your pie, so you can always get what you desire, even if there's a debate around the dinner table.

Here's a breakdown of our eight flavors and which pies they may complement the best.

Butter Flavored Crust®

As one of the original Flavored Crusts®, we deeply appreciate this one. It's a classic, where you can never go wrong. Butter on bread is customary at many restaurants, often offered at the table for free before appetizers and main courses arrive. Our Flavored Crusts® are also always free, no matter the flavor since we want everyone to experience the deliciousness.

Butter is often described as creamy and rich, adding a hint of sweetness to the dough flavor. This crust goes great with any pie, from plain to pepperoni, veggie to meat lovers, and everything in between.

Butter Cheese Flavored Crust®

Kick it up a notch by adding the comforting taste of cheese to your butter Flavored Crust® with the butter cheese rendition. It adds a savory element that people often describe as a little bit salty, sweet, and always comforting. It's mild enough not to overwhelm the butter element of the Flavored Crust®, yet it has a hint of sharpness that gives it a little extra kick.

Asiago Cheese Flavored Crust®

While most cheese has a mild flavor, asiago tastes nutty and sharper than other types. Asiago is often aged before packaging and serving, tasting much like Parmesan. If you're looking for a cheesy delicacy that packs an extra punch, this is the Flavored Crust® for you.

Ranch Flavored Crust®

Ranch is a fan favorite, and not just for pizza. Ranch lovers are serious about the flavor, using it for everything from crockpot recipes to veggie dip and even as a dressing to dip their pizza slices in. If you're one of these ranch enthusiasts, we encourage you to give this crust a shot.

Onion Flavored Crust®

Onion isn't for everyone, but those that love it, love it. The flavor adds a hint of tanginess to your pie that's a little bit sweet and a little bit sour at the same time. It comes with a slight bite to it, so this is for you, adventurous eaters.

Cajun Flavored Crust®

If you like a bit of spice with a kick of paprika, cayenne, garlic, and pepper, be sure to try our Cajun Flavored Crust®. It balances out the sweet tomato sauce and savory cheese on any pie perfectly and adds even more flavor to those with meat and veggies. This is the crust to try when you're on the hunt for something new and different.

Sesame Flavored Crust®

Another one of the two original Hungry Howie's® Flavored Crusts® dating back to the 1980s, this one is too good to pass up. It's a little sweet with a nutty undertone so that it won't take over the flavor of your pie. Instead, it adds to it. Some describe the taste as slightly sweet yet understated, so it's perfect if you want a slight boost in flavor.

Garlic Herb Flavored Crust®

Do we have to say more? Garlic and herbs are essential for any pizza, so this is the dough flavor to try to amp things up. It's your favorite flavors all in one, magnifying the already magnificent taste of any pie.

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Which Flavored Crust® is the best? We say you tell us!