Where Are the Best Pizza Specials Near Me?

Want a deal on pizza? Hungry Howie's can help, with great specials that will offer you a quick, affordable lunch or dinner for yourself or a crowd.

Most of us would love to have an unlimited pizza budget to get all of our favorites every time a pizza craving strikes. Pizzas. Oven Baked Subs. Stuffed Howie Bread. Howie Wings. Howie Cookies. Fresh Salad. (Balance!) Soda. This is the life of our pizza dreams.

Your wildest pizza fantasies can become a reality even if you are on a budget or just love a good deal.

Our pizza specials offer something for everyone, and within minutes, you can have a hot and cheesy pizza with our signature flavored crust on its way to your door. And no wallets will be harmed in the process.

We believe people deserve great pizza, even if they are on a budget!

What Kinds of Pizza Specials Can I Find at Hungry Howie's Locations Near Me?

We offer specials for both lunch and dinner, so no matter what time of day a pizza craving strikes, Hungry Howie's has you covered. Whether it's pizza for one or for a crowd, there is a pizza deal for you.

In addition to our specials on pizza, you can find promotions that include flavorful items like our Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub, Baked Penne Pasta, or Cajun Howie Bread. We also have promotions to help you round out your pizza with items like our breadsticks, drinks, and desserts. At this point, you are basically on your way to a full-blown pizza party!

Hungry Howie's specials can vary by location, but many of our franchises offer promotions like lunch specials, mix & match, meal deals, family meals, Wacky Wednesdays, and Howie Rewards.

Lunch Specials

Are you working from home or the office and craving pizza? Hungry Howie's has great lunch specials that are affordable, quick, and filling. You handle work; we've got lunch covered.

Hungry Howie's offers promotions on many of our great menu items for lunch, which are perfectly portioned to keep you full through the rest of your day. You can find specials on your favorites like our mouthwatering oven-baked subs, salads, wings, and pizzas, which often come with a refreshing, fizzy soda.

Lunch specials for delivery are a great choice for busy professionals who want to enjoy hot, cheesy pizza during the workday without leaving their home or office.

Mix & Match Specials

Having a night in with a friend or that special someone in your life? Mix & Match deals allow each person to order what they want while still offering a good value. This special helps you get an affordable, customized meal.

Or, if you are in the mood to share, you and your pizza bae can use this promotion to get two items to sample together.

This special can be a lifesaver if you have a roommate who insists that anchovies are the best pizza topping. Go half on rent, not on pizza! (No hate to the anchovy-loving community.)

The only thing better than one pizza is two pizzas!

Meal Deals and Family Meals

Our meal deals are designed to feed more than one person, but we will not stop you if you are ambitious and want to eat it yourself. Our meal deals help you step up your pizza on a budget.

For cheaper than menu prices, our meal deals allow you to add more toppings to your pizza or round out your pie with other great items from our menu like wings, bread, and soda.

Whether you just need to save dinner on a Tuesday night or be the hero of your kid's first slumber party, our meal deals will make you and your family happy. That's why we got in the pizza business.

Wacky Wednesdays

If you want pizza on a Wednesday--why wouldn't you want pizza on a Wednesday?--snag one of these deals. These deals are so good it's wacky! We offer deep discounts on menu items like our saucy oven-baked pasta, refreshing salads, and, of course, our cheesy, melty pizzas made with 100% mozzarella. You're thinking about the cheese pull, aren't you? We don't blame you.

Join Howie Rewards

You like our pizza and free stuff, right? Then the Howie Rewards program is perfect for you! Through your purchases at participating locations, you can earn Howie Points, and you can redeem those points for free items on your next order.

Online orders are the easiest way to earn points, but you can earn points on purchases in-store and over the phone. Please tell your Hungry Howie's team member that you are a Howie Rewards member before you give them your order so that they can be sure to give you your points. You'll be on your way to free pizza in no time.

FREE PIZZA! I am tearing up just thinking about it.

Find Pizza Specials Near You

Check out the great pizza specials and rewards program at your local Hungry Howie's location. All you need to do is log in to your Hungry Howie's account and check the specials at your local store. We know you will find options that make your taste buds and bank account happy.

All stores are independently owned and operated. Deals vary by location. Prices and participation may vary. Delivery and tax extra. Bottle charges and additional charges may apply. Limited time offers.