What’s Detroit Style Pizza?

Detroit style pizza is this rectangular shape, airy, savory, browned cheese corner pizza. Sometimes confused with a deep dish pizza, Detroit style pizza is very unique – trust me. The closest pie you can find is a Sicilian style pizza, with that focaccia-like, spongy dough.

The Detroit-Style Pizza

If you've never tried one before, here is everything you need to know about Detroit Style Pizza pies.

The Crust

Let’s start with the crust. Detroit-style pizza makers use a dough similar to the one used for focaccia, resulting in a light, porous dough, that’s not chewy, but airy. Because it’s about an inch thick, the end product is a dough that’s browned on the sides thanks to the steel pan used to bake it. If you place a Detroit style pizza dough against a light, you should be able to see the light coming through it. That’s how airy and light this dough can be.

The Cheese

Similar to a deep dish pizza, Detroit style pizza has lots of cheese. In most cases, Detroit style pizzas are topped with brick cheese, and in some instances pizza makers pair it with white cheddar and mozzarella to give you that stretchy, cheesy string when you cut out a piece. The real magic of a Detroit style pizza is the cheese crust that forms on the sides, and that’s achievable only by the use of steel pans during baking.

The Sauce

A traditional Detroit style pizza will have a very aromatic, robust pizza sauce. However, with this style, the sauce is not hiding under the cheese and toppings. Instead, they feature something known as the “red top.” Basically, what this means is that right after the pizza dough comes your toppings, followed by cheese, and finished with sauce on top. Why do you ask? The “red top” system helps avoid a soggy crust.

The Result

The result is a light, airy, puffy square pizza that you have to start eating with forks – yes I know, forks and pizza – but you can then work your way to grabbing the pizza with your hands. It’s a cheesy creation that will make you think you’re eating a deep dish style pizza, but don’t confuse yourself - a Detroit style pizza is unique in its dough, ingredients, and baking method.

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