What Will Pizza Be Like in 100 Years?

Pizza has come a long way since its humble origins back in 500 BC when it looked more like a flatbread with dates than the pizza we know and love today. However, if we fast-forward throughout the evolution of pizza we know we’ve experimented with different toppings, stuffed pizza, sauce on top, deep dish pizza, flavored crusts, xtra cheese and so on.

So, after we’ve managed even to create a delivery box made out of pizza, what will the future of pizza be like in 100 years?

Optimistic pizza lovers hope it will stay pretty much unchanged, as it has so far. Even though pizza toppings range from traditional tomatoes and basil to more risky toppings such as pineapple, the works pizza and even BBQ chicken, we still go back to pizza’s roots, the Margherita pizza.

Besides the ever-changing topping selection, we think pizza in the future will not change in its true origin, but in its method of production. Here’s where 3D printers make an entrance in the future of pizza as we know it.

Earlier this year, a startup that goes by the name of BeeHex invented a 3D printer that can, in fact, print pizza. A dream come true, right? This invention could revolutionize pizza making as we know it. Before you know it, all you’ll ever need to have a slice of pizza is order your printer to print you one.

The printer makes and bakes a pizza in little over 6 minutes. Users will be able to choose pizza size, dough, including plain, tomato, and even gluten-free, your preferred sauce tomato basil, pesto, or vodka sauce, and finally, finish your pizza with mozzarella or burrata cheese.

And even better, you can virtually print any image or shape you want. Making the personalization opportunities endless. We can’t guarantee printed pizza will be as delicious as Hungry Howie’s pizza, but it looks like the future of pizza comes with a printer.

Sources: BeeHex