What Pizza Topping is Your Favorite Horror Villain?

If your favorite horror movie villain were to order a slice of pizza, what would they choose?

Freddy Krueger

Pizza of Choice: Plain Cheese

Why? Let's face it, a plain cheese pizza best resembles this horror movie villain who's been antagonizing teens throughout more than 8 films.

Hannibal Lecter

Pizza of Choice: Meat Eaters

Why? A Meat Eaters Pizza is about as close as Hannibal will get to enjoying his other favorite food. Perhaps he will pair a nice Chianti with his pizza.


Pizza of Choice: The Works

Why? The Predator has done quite a bit of traveling, from Latin America to L.A. to Outer Space, so it's likely he'd want a pizza with a variety of toppings that meet his every need.


Pizza of Choice: Howie Maui

Why? Featuring ham, bacon, and pineapple, the Howie Maui is a little bit sweet and a little bit salty, just like Candyman.

Count Dracula

Pizza of Choice: Pepperoni

Why? Though Dracula would prefer a different topping, pepperoni is about as close as it gets to plasma on a pizza. Just remember to leave out the garlic!


Pizza of Choice: Howie Special

Why? Chucky, AKA Charles Lee Ray, would enjoy the Howie Special as it has a little bit of everything. Pepperoni for the child-like Chucky and veggies for the adult whose soul has taken over a doll.

Jason Voorhees

Pizza of choice: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Why? Nothing brings back memories of summer like BBQ. For Jason, a BBQ Chicken Pizza could bring back fond memories of chasing teenagers around the woods of Camp Crystal Lake.