This is What Happens to Your Pizza While it's Being Made

From the moment you order your pizza to the moment you finally indulge in a hot, cheesy slice of your preferred choice, a journey begins for your pizza in our kitchens. At Hungry Howie’s we don’t just sell pizzas; we are completely committed to the art of making pizzas and take great pride in the way our pizzas are made.

Join your pizza in its unique journey to see what happens to your pizza while it’s being made.

1. The Dough

Pizza starts with a small ball-shaped pizza dough, waiting patiently for the loving hands of a pizza chef to begin its transformation. Pizza chefs give the pizza a relaxing massage, kneading the dough until it reaches its unique, soft, elastic, and airy texture. Then, gently but steadily, the chef starts stretching the dough, rotating it every once in a while to roll it into a perfectly round pizza shape.

2. The Sauce

We know a pizza without sauce is not really a pizza. This is why we craft the ultimate pizza sauce to cover our majestic pizza dough and get it ready for the savory cheesiness that’s about to come. Our tomato puree is mixed to just the right consistency, and blended with a zesty mix of herbs to deliver a truly mouthwatering flavor. Our sauces work perfectly with many topping choices because we know how important it is for you to design the ultimate pizza creation. Once our sauce has been thoroughly prepared, your pizza is smothered with a soft blanket of fragrant sauce, excited to be one step closer to its objective.

3. The Cheese

No pizza will ever be complete without cheese. Fresh, soft, delicious mozzarella cheese dresses up your pizza to deliver that cheese string we all look for when we bite into a pizza slice. It doesn’t matter your preference – light cheese, extra cheese, additional parmesan cheese – our chefs make cheese rain all over your pizza. This is the point when your pizza really feels like it is fulfilling its purpose – to become your delectable dinner.

4. The Toppings

At this point, your pizza could be ready for the oven – or just one more blank canvas ready to undergo a complete makeover. Hand-selected by you, our fresh toppings line up to join your pizza party. One by one, your pizza gets gleefully layered with savory (or sweet) flavors, adding color, zest, freshness, and all the deliciousness you are looking for in your pizza order. Our toppings will never disappoint you, we make sure your pizza order turns into an impressive work of pizza art.

5. The Oven

Before your pizza reaches you, it goes for a deep tanning session in our special ovens. Feeling the warmth under the sun of our oven, your pizza relaxes as the cheese slowly starts melting, bringing everything together, and merging your toppings to become one amazing pizza. After a few minutes, your pizza crust is rocking its sun-kissed tan, and the cheese is sporting its distinctive golden look, while the toppings are still sizzling, waiting to be delivered.

6. The Reveal

After its magnificent journey, your pizza is finally ready for you. It eagerly waits in suspense on the journey to your home, waiting to be devoured. Once you open that box, your pizza’s destiny is fulfilled. While it stares at you, looking perfectly tanned, still sizzling hot, with its unique flavor, you can pat yourself on the back since you are about to indulge in a real work of art.

Your pizza goes through an incredible, emotional journey before it gets to you. Savor your creation with an appetite of appreciation!