What Does Your Pizza Order Says About You?

When you order a pizza, you are ordering food that fuels your soul and makes you happy. What you choose to order might have a very high sentimental value for you. But, what does it say about you? Your pizza order reveals more than just your favorite pizza toppings. This is because your pizza order is as unique as you are and, even if you don’t know it, it says something about you and your personality.

Find out what your Hungry Howie’s pizza order says about you.

The Works

Your Pizza Personality: Fun & Relaxed

When it comes to pizza, you choose a creation just like you: popular. You are Instagram famous and have plenty of friends to go out for pizza with. Everyone will say you are very laid back and relaxed. You don’t overthink, which is why you order an easy, delicious pizza, with plenty of pepperoni.

Buffalo Chicken

Your Pizza Personality: Unpretentious

You strive for more in life - regular, plain chicken is not enough for you. You like to have fun, which is why your chicken pizza must have tangy buffalo sauce on top. Your friends will say you are ambitious – which you are. And, even when you have your pizza in front of you, you are already thinking about the next one.

BBQ Chicken

Your Pizza Personality: Patriotic

You like everything American, and even your pizza needs to come in BBQ form. Your friends think of you as a very lovable and friendly person. You like to be the center of attention, especially if that center includes a BBQ and a pizza. You will always go the extra mile to get a tender, smoked, BBQ chicken paired with your favorite Flavored Crust® pizza from Hungry Howie’s.

Howie Maui

Your Pizza Personality: Quirky

Some of your friends think you are crazy by daring to add pineapple to your pizza. But, that’s just who you are. You like living on the edge. Always adventurous, always dreaming, and always ordering pizza. For you, the combination of sweet pineapple chunks with tasty cheese and marinara sauce is a match made in heaven.

Meat Eaters

Your Pizza Personality: Outspoken

You value life for what it is: an excellent opportunity to eat the most delicious pizza paired with tasty meat choices. Your mom always talked about you as the outspoken one of the family. For you, life is all about sausage, bacon, and meatballs – and lots of them.

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Your Pizza Personality: Indecisive

You can’t make up your mind. Whenever your partner asks you what you want to eat, you don’t know if you want pizza or chicken wings, or chicken wings on pizza, or pizza with a side of chicken wings. Decisions make you crazy. So when it comes to your pizza order you want a little bit of everything and add the best things in life: chicken, bacon, and ranch.

Veggie Pizza

Your Pizza Personality: Sensitive

You are the friend that’s always reminding everyone to take their vitamins, to use sunscreen, and to recycle. You care about the environment, you care about health, and you probably have very strict morals. Even if you are not a vegetarian, a veggie pizza is your go-to order when you want comfort food.