What Does Your Lifestyle Cost in Hungry Howie’s® Pizza?

The average college student spends $311 a week, including room, books and supplies, and personal expenses. That adds up to $1,246 per month, and do not even get us started on how much money that adds up to in a year. Then, you have to add your lifestyle costs. You know, the gym membership, cable, Netflix, morning coffee, and so on.

We know you’re probably running on a tight budget, so today we are comparing some real-life purchases versus buying a one-topping large pizza from Hungry Howie’s®. You might be surprised by the amount of pizza you can get for some of your memberships or daily expenses.

Netflix vs. Pizza

Our perfect evening includes Hungry Howie’s® pizza, Netflix, and all of our friends. We know you can get a basic membership for $7.99, but who on Earth would watch Game of Thrones without Ultra HD, that is just nonsense. So, let’s say you have the premium membership that’s $13.99 a month.

1 Month Netflix Subscription = 1.3 Pizzas

Christmas Tree vs. Pizza

Let’s come together and celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Everything sounds so cheerful and exciting, until you realize you have to pay around $81 for a Christmas tree. This year, we are choosing to have a different style of Christmas tree, most likely made out of pizza!

1 Christmas Tree = 8.1 Pizzas

Gym Membership vs. Pizza

We all want to do our best to stay in shape. Then, we also want to be a part of one of the cool gyms so we can hang with cool people. So, we decide it would be a good idea to sign up for a fancy gym and pay $368 for a membership, because we want to be cool. Right? Well you would not imagine the amount of pizza you can get.

1 Month Gym Membership = 36.8 Pizzas

Cable Bill vs. Pizza

Some people still use a cable provider to tune into their favorite shows. We get it, old-school is fine with us, we would never turn down a classic cheese pizza because it's old-school. But, month after month that cable bill at almost $90 a month can add up. Don’t you think?

1 Month Cable Bill = 9 Pizzas

1 Week of Groceries vs. Pizza

Vegetables, bread, juice, milk, coffee, blah, blah, blah. A week of groceries can cost you $65. But, we all know there are so many delicious pizza recipes we can choose instead. From breakfast pizza recipes to 3-course meals, ordering from Hungry Howie’s® menu alone can fill us for the week.

1 Week of Groceries = 6.5 Pizzas

DIY Pizza vs. Hungry Howie’s® Pizza

Everyone always talks about doing things by themselves. We get the whole DIY movement is trending among moms and children. But, when it comes to pizza, it is always best to get a delicious one from Hungry Howie’s® instead of trying to figure out how to make pizza at home.

1 DIY Pizza = 1.2 Hungry Howie’® Pizzas

Textbook vs. Pizza

College students are a little too familiar with the financial burden textbooks represent. A single textbook can go for $100 and sometimes even more. For the purposes of our lifestyle vs. pizza comparison article, we will say you’re buying a $100 textbook.

1 Textbook = 10 Pizzas

Coffee vs. Pizza

Even though you have your fancy coffee machine at your dorm, you still walk to the closest coffee shop every morning to get your cup of Joe. But, at $5 per coffee, suggesting you only drink one per day, you’re spending $25 on coffee every week. We think you can get more use of the equivalent in pizzas.

1 Coffee Per Day = 2.5 Pizzas

Transportation vs. Pizza

Even when you live on campus, you still have to move from point A to point B in some form of transportation every once in a while. The average college student spends $36 a week on transportation. In a month that goes up to $146, and it continues to go up. We would rather have the equivalent in pizzas and just carpool wherever we need to go.

1 Week Transportation = 3.6 Pizzas

Internet Access vs. Pizza

We need Wi-Fi to stream our favorite shows, to watch all those cute dog and cat videos, and yes to do research for our papers. But, internet access goes from $50 to $60 per month. The amount of pizza you can get instead, is a dream come true. So, instead of paying for internet, just ask your neighbor for the password.

1 Month of Internet = 6 Pizzas

Can you believe all the pizza you can get instead? We don't know about you, but we're re-adjusting our budgets after finding out how much our lifestyle costs we can get in pizza.


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