What Does Howie Want for Christmas?

It's that time of the year again – time to write your Christmas wish-list. Our friend Howie was extra good this year so he could ask for everything a pizza lover must have. Howie made sure his name landed in the good-ones' list this year: he hosted a few pizza fundraisers for a good cause and participated in Hungry Howie’s® “Love, Hope & Pizza®.”

So you better bet when it was time for Howie to write his letter to Pizza Santa, he got very creative.

Baking Pizza Stone

Usually, Howie eats his whole Hungry Howie’s® pizza. But, when he orders some Howie Wings® to go with it, he can’t eat everything. So Howie likes to reheat his pizza. But he would never dare to heat his favorite pizza slice in the microwave. Instead, he wants a baking pizza stone, to get crispy, cheesy, warm pizza every time he reheats his pizza leftovers – if ever.

Pizza Tray Stands

Howie is a popular guy; just look at his Instagram followers. So when he orders a pizza, he orders for a bunch. Instead of maneuvering pizza on a tiny table, he wants pizza tray stands that raise his favorite pizza and makes some room for his favorite pizza dipping sauces and sides.

Condiments Shakers

Sometimes Howie and his friends just want a traditional cheese pizza, nothing else. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t spice it up. Condiment shakers are great to fill with extra parmesan cheese and pepper flakes that top the best pizza slices ever.

Pizza Lover Plates

A real pizza lover showcases their love everywhere they can. That’s why Howie wants some pizza lover plates, specially designated to eat only pizza, nothing else. Because you need to have a unique set of plates and table settings for pizza. For Howie, pizza is that special.

“Best Pizza Baker” Bib Apron

If you haven’t guessed it yet, Howie is the great baker behind those delicious Hungry Howie’s® pizzas. So, he wants the world to know it by using a “best pizza baker” bib apron whenever he invites his friends to taste his delicious pies.

Pizza Sleeping Bag

Howie is a pizza lover at heart. He breathes and dreams about pizza. Whenever Howie goes camping, he has always wishes he could do so in a pizza sleeping bag. So this year he wants Santa to bring one for him. We know you secretly want one too, so here’s how you can get a pizza sleeping bag.

Howie Rewards®

Well, we hope Howie is not the only one who likes free stuff. Howie recently joined Hungry Howie’s® rewards program, Howie Rewards®. Santa might not have to do anything about this, but Howie can’t wait to turn his love for pizza into rewards, including a free pizza.

Howie wants a lot of things this Christmas. Hopefully, Santa will get Howie’s Christmas letter early this year, so he has time to get everything Howie wants.

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