What Does How You Eat Your Pizza Say About You?

According to behavioral analysts, the way we do certain things, like eating pizza says a lot about ourselves. Much like your pizza order says a lot about your personality, the way you choose to eat that pizza says even more about you. Keep scrolling to discover what type of pizza eater you are, and the deep secrets the way you eat your pizza can reveal about your personality.

If You Use Fork and Knife

Unless you’re digging into a deep dish pizza, using a fork and knife to eat your pizza is absolute nonsense. But, nevertheless, some individuals like to use a knife and fork to eat their pizza. Why? This tradition comes from Italy, where most likely your pizza pie won’t be pre-cut, like you would expect from a pizza in the U.S. They might still go hands on when they’re in very casual situations, after all, who are we to judge what should be considered a personal pizza, right?

What This Says About You: If you eat your pizza using a fork and knife, you are traditional, your personality runs more on the classy side. You don’t like getting your hands dirty, and you appreciate the power of utensils.

If You Fold It

We’re sure the “to fold or not to fold” is a very controversial issue. On one side people would say this approach is sacrilegious. However, on the other side, you have people from New York who swear by this technique. The folding your pizza phenomenon started in the tri-state area, where most triangular pizzas are bigger, and the folding technique was a necessity to fit the pizza in your mouth without making a mess.

What This Says About You: You’re from New York or the tri-state area. You live on-the-go, your life never stops, not even for pizza. People who fold their pizzas have very fast-paced lifestyles, they appreciate the art of something practical and multitasking. Most likely you’ll be found walking from point A to B – pizza in hand, obviously.

If You Use the Inside-Out Fold Method

Alright, brace yourself. This not-so-conventional method will revolutionize the way you eat pizza if you consider yourself a pizza folder. Instead of folding the pizzas as you normally would, this method calls for folding the pizza inside-out, cheese on the outside. Why? This way the first thing that hits your tongue is the delicious, melty, steamy cheese and sauce for an instant flavor explosion. We get that for plain pizza dough, but, when you have Flavored Crust® like the one we have at Hungry Howie’s® the inside-out fold method is pure nonsense.

What This Says About You: You’re definitely adventurous, explosive, and unconventional. Even though people might not get the way you eat pizza at first, they will later find out you’re revolutionary.

If You Stack Them

Another mind-blowing way to eat pizza. One slice on top of another, facing each other for a sandwich-like experience. We’re not fans of pizza cakes, but a pizza stacked sandwich seems just fabulous. It’s like the perfect way to eat pizza on your commute, at work, or anytime if we’re being honest.

What This Says About You: You can handle everything, you’re a serious multitasker, and you’re definitely an over-achiever. Literally, one pizza slice at a time is not enough for you, so you go all in and stack two pizza slices together for the ultimate pizza challenge.

If You Eat the Crust First

We’re not sure how someone can resist biting the melty cheese and sauce first. But we can see how our Flavored Crust® fans choose to eat the crust first. We’re not sure about the right way to do this, you might need to use a fork and knife for this one, or maybe the fold method because eating pizza this way can get messy.

What This Says About You: You’re as rebellious as it gets, you love going against the grain and setting up your own rules. You don’t really care what people say or think, as long as you get to enjoy your pizza the way you like to eat it.

If You Don’t Eat the Crust

Again, not sure who would ever do this. But, we’re not here to judge. Some people believe it is “healthier” to leave the crust behind. We could never do that. Can you imagine not dipping the leftover crust in garlic sauce? We definitely can’t. And what about if the crust is stuffed? It would be sacrilegious to leave the crust behind. In fact, we propose a movement right now: #LeaveNoCrustBehind.

What This Says About You: You’re a serious organizer, you need to check your calendar before setting up an appointment with your friends to eat pizza. You’re the type of person that has everything color coded and only orders one pizza style.

If You Strip the Toppings

We know there are some pizza snobs out there. But, when it comes to stripping pizza from its toppings, we have mixed feelings. We understand you love toppings and you take them out to eat them first or last, you do you. However, won’t it be better just to eat the toppings and everything together? Then, you’re left with a plain pizza. What’s the fun in that?

What This Says About You: You appreciate the good things in life. You’re in no rush, and you take your time when eating pizza, enjoying each bite more than the other. You’re a rare species nowadays, the kind that lives in the moment and appreciates the little things in life, like some good-old toppings.

If You Pick It Up and Bite

Finally, you’re the typical kind of pizza eater. People who order pizza, look at it, grab it, and bite it. There’s no need to over think it, no need to get carried away by the latest pizza eating trends, or whatever kids are doing nowadays.

What This Says About You: You’re true to your pizza. In fact, you’re the true pizza lover. You don’t go around caring much about the world, as long as you get pizza at the end of the day.

Who knew the way you eat your pizza could say a lot about you. We definitely feel related to a few of these ones, and we’re sure you do too. But, to be honest pizza is simple, there’s no need to overthink the way you enjoy your pizza.