What Cheese Is The Best to Put On Pizza?

What cheese is on pizza? Our masterful pizza experts hear this question quite frequently. Here at Hungry Howie's®, fans and customers know us as the go-to source of information when it comes to learning about everyone's favorite dinner. So, when someone comes in and asks what cheese is on pizza, and if there are any other options, we're happy to share all that we know.

The reality is that almost any cheese can go on pizza. That's the beautiful thing about the dish. It's almost entirely customizable to each individual's tastes and wishes on any given day. However, there are a few types of the melty, gooey dairy product that are most popular on pies around the world.

Here are the 6 most popular and well-loved types of cheese that go on pizza.

1) Mozzarella

Mozzarella is by far the most common and popular type of cheese on pizza. In fact, it's on virtually every type of pie that Americans order. Whether you get shredded mozzarella, like on a plain pie, or fresh mozzarella like the type common on Margherita pizzas, you can't go wrong.

Here at Hungry Howie's®, we use only 100% real mozzarella cheese when baking our famous pies. You might be surprised to learn that not every pizza joint can say the same. In fact, online encyclopedias estimate that less than a third of all pizza restaurants in the entire country use real mozzarella cheese in the baking process. This is likely due to availability and cost, but here at Hungry Howie's®, we don't believe in cutting corners when it comes to the high quality of our pies.

2) Parmesan

Coming in a close second, many people add Parmesan cheese to their slices when they get their pizza home. The kind that you can sprinkle straight out of a shaker is the most popular. It's common to add Parmesan, garlic powder, and maybe some red pepper flakes to the top of a pie to give it a little-extra-something.

Some places also offer the option to add shredded or fresh grated Parmesan to pizza before the baking process, in addition to your classic mozzarella. We say go for it, you can never go wrong with more cheesy-goodness.

3) Ricotta

Another crowd favorite, a lot of people add ricotta cheese to their pizza. Common on pies that include toppings like meatballs or fresh basil, you're likely to find this white, creamy cheese paired with fresh mozzarella.

Add some fresh basil and a tomato sauce that's the perfect mix of sweet and tangy and you have yourself a pie that's undeniably delicious.

4) Pecorino Romano

A hard Italian cheese that carries a bit of a bite, Pecorino Romano is another popular choice. Chefs and pizza cooks often match it with Parmesan cheese, as it's often used for grating. Pecorino Romano is a salty cheese that's made from sheep's milk, which is a little-known fact.

This type of cheese is a little bit tangier than others and goes through an aging process that usually lasts to 5 to 8 months before it makes its way to the grocery shelves or local markets.

5) Provolone

Another little-known pizza fact is that most of your favorite pies actually contain provolone cheese as well. It's commonly mixed into a blend with shredded mozzarella and used as a standard pizza topping. With a mild flavor and creamy texture, it makes for the perfect gooey cheese to pair with the classic.

Provolone is a popular Italian cheese, originating in the Northwest region of the country. It's semi-hard, aged for approximately four months, and is generally made with full-fat cow's milk.

6) Cheddar

Many people are also surprised to learn that cheddar cheese is extremely common as a pizza topping. Often mixed in with mozzarella and provolone, the cheese is beneficial in the baking process since it lends a golden brown hue with light bubbling.

Additionally, cheddar cheese can be found on specialty pizzas such as the Bacon Cheeseburger pie at Hungry Howie's®. We couple it with mozzarella, ground beef, and bacon for a pie that's savory and satisfying.

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Order Hungry Howie's® pizza for take-out or delivery tonight. Give us a call or place your order online and then swing on by or request delivery. Add your favorite cheeses to your pie by request. Pizza is a dish that can never go wrong, and it's sure to please the entire family. Don't forget to add some sides, soft drinks, and of course, dessert to complete the occasion.

What cheese is on pizza, you may ask? It can be any type of cheese your heart desires. Here at Hungry Howie's®, we don't believe that pizza-lovers should ever be limited in their options. Ask us about our 100% real mozzarella cheese today and place an order for your favorite meal tonight.