Unusual Side Dish Pairings with Pizza

When it comes to pizza, we don’t really want to mess it up. Side dish pairings with pizza include the classics, a chef salad or Caesar salad, some Howie Bread® and if we are starving, we will toss some Howie Wings® in there as well.

But, for those of you out there that dare to change the classic pizza pairings with these unusual combinations, we are on to you. And while we might not try these ones ourselves, to those out there who are brave enough to try these weird pizza pairings, kudos to you.

Italian Clams

We’re not sure how well pizza and seafood pair. But some people out there are pairing their favorite pizza with a side of Italian clams. Maybe they do it to add a layer of fanciness to their dinner. Although we believe pizza is fancy enough to dress up any party. Whatever the case, Italian clams are probably best left as an appetizer in our opinion.

Asparagus Fries

Those out there trying to stay healthy, switching chicken wings for asparagus fries is a marvelous idea. While we don’t mind the asparagus fries, we need some good fried food to go with our pizza slice. Even crazier, the asparagus fries are then paired with honey mustard dressing. Can you imagine how well your pizza slice will taste if it touches that dressing? Well, we’re a little bit curious, so we might try that combination ourselves.

Onions Stacks

Now things are getting better. Trade in your French fries for a stack of crispy, fried onions. Eaten by themselves or dipped in honey dressing, onion stacks are unusual but definitely a delicious pizza pairing. It can be a side dish, but we won’t mind topping our pizza slice with some onion rings.

Cider Beans

We like to pair our pizza with finger side dishes. Nothing that requires a fork, a spoon, or even a knife. Which is why we can’t get how some people pair their pizza with cider beans soup. Who wants to put down a slice of pizza to pick up a spoon for beans? Too much to handle. We’ll stay with our easy-to-grab Howie Wings®.

Corn on the Cob

We can see how some people pair corn on the cob with BBQ; it's a staple BBQ side dish. But corn on the cob with pizza? Sorry. We only want corn sprinkled over our pizza as a topping. While corn on the cob could be considered a finger food, if it's going to be around pizza, we'd just rather have it as a topping instead. Although corn on the cob as an appetizer seems very promising.

At Hungry Howie’s® we love trying different pizza toppings and side dish pairings. What’s your favorite side dish when it comes to pizza? Are you a wings person? Or would you rather your pizza slice with a salad by its side. Whatever your choice, we have the best side dish pairings out there. If you want one of these unusual side dishes, then you’re on your own.


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