The Ultimate Pizza Tossers’ Video Playlist

It took Howie a long time to learn how to toss pizza like a professional pizza tosser. Yes, that’s a real profession. To Howie, it's more of an art than a profession. Becoming the ultimate pizza tosser is any pizza lover's dream. Imagine if you could toss pizza through the air like they do in the movies. It’s almost a dream come true.

Pizza tossing requires a level of expertise, a special love for pizza, and a lot of practice. However, these pizza tossers’ are experts in the field and have documented their most incredible pizza tossing moments for us to indulge.

The Testa Brothers - Professional Pizza Tossers

These little duo, Michael and Nicholas Testa, ages 12 and 9, are true professional pizza tossers’. Their videos have captured everyone’s attention, including Howie’s. Take a look.

Siler Chapman - World Champion Pizza Tosser

Siler Chapman is a World Champion Pizza Tosser, that’s how good he is. His skills are honestly next level. He’s a regular at pizza restaurants and TV shows.

Justin Wadstein - Pizza Tossing Acrobat

Another Pizza Games winner, Justin Wadstein can even toss pizza while he’s blindfolded. One of the best in pizza tossing acrobatics, his stunts are definitely show stoppers, and frankly unbelievable.

Toni Pizzaiolo - Pizza Tossing Master

A true pizza chef, Toni is a master when it comes to pizza tossing. With one dough or two doughs, he’s got it. His amazing tricks are mesmerizing, we could honestly watch him all day, but we are too hungry, so we want that pizza.

Tony Gemignani - World Pizza Champions Member

A member of the World Pizza Champions, America’s #1 Pizza Team, Tony knows a thing or two about tossing a pizza. His tricks are so fun to watch, and he makes it seem so easy. Full disclosure, it is not, we tried some of them and ended up with pizza dough on the floor.

Pizza Freestyle

When the classic pizza tossers meet with the new generation of pizza tossers, a lot can happen. This duo part freestyle pizza tosser, part classic pizza tosser can get very creative and show you some fantastic pizza tossing tricks only true professionals can achieve.

While watching pizza tossers is definitely a lot of fun, we like to stay on the other side of pizza, which is ordering one from Hungry Howie’s® and being expert pizza eaters instead.