The Ultimate Pizza Catering Calendar

One of the things we love most about pizza is that you can literally bring pizza to any occasion and everyone will love it. At Hungry Howie’s® we bring the love and versatility of pizza to you with our extensive pizza catering menu.

The year is filled with pizza catering occasions that need our help. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself; the ultimate pizza catering calendar proves there's an event perfect for pizza catering every month.

January: New Year’s Day

Did you know New Year’s Day is one of the busiest days for pizza delivery? It probably has to do with the fact that no one wants to cook on New Year’s Day. And also, the fact that everyone has been eating holiday leftovers non-stop since Thanksgiving.

You will most likely have friends and family at your house for New Year’s Day, so instead of cooking a big meal to feed everyone, get Hungry Howie’s® pizza catering specials to please everyone.

February: Super Bowl Sunday & National Pizza Day & Valentine's Day

Second on the list is the Super Bowl. We all know you only need two foods at your table that day: Howie Wings® and pizza. Everything else is just extra, although some Howie Bread® sounds good there too. Make sure your home is prepared with some pizza catering combos that can feed up to 32 people.

If there’s a national holiday we must celebrate, that would be National Pizza Day. Celebrated on February 9th, Pizza Day is the occasion of all occasions, and of course, you must celebrate with pizza. Instead of trying to figure out what to order to satisfy everyone, just order from the pizza catering menu and sit back and relax.

Last, but not least, February is also the month of pure love and by pure love we mean our love for pizza. At Hungry Howie's® we start sending our heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine's Day. But, if you don't have a date, don't feel bad, plan a get-together with your single friends and plan the best Valentine's Day party ever, featuring everyone's first true love: pizza.

March: Daylight Saving Time & Women's Day

No one likes losing an hour of sunshine or an hour of sleep. But, you can lighten up the mood with a Daylight Saving Time pizza party. Get your friends together and plan an epic pizza party that also includes some delicious appetizers and side dishes. Even if your friends wanted to choose from these unusual pizza side dishes, when you order from our pizza catering menu you’re safe with classic pairings such as Howie Bread®, fresh salads, and dessert.

Can we take a minute to celebrate all the amazing women is this world? March also celebrates Women's Day and between marches and celebrations to the women in our lives, we must party with pizza. Get your girls together for a pizza party and avoid all the fuss when you get pizza catering instead of individual orders.

April: April Fool's Day

Oh boy, at Hungry Howie’s® we love to play April Fool's pranks on our friends. We also love getting together with our pals that day. However, we don’t say, "pizza catering for everyone!" Instead, we say, "we have some pot pie leftovers from our mom."

Trust us, the look on your friend’s face when they open the door to receive the pizza catering order from Hungry Howie’s®. Just priceless.

May: Memorial Day & Mother’s Day

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect excuse to get a bunch of your friends together, order everything you need from our pizza catering menu, and enjoy a full day of food, friends, games, and fun! What else can you ask for?

We can’t think of a better way to say, mom, we love you than with pizza. After all, pizza is our second biggest love after our mom. Most likely, you will get together with your family, all your cousins, aunts, and maybe even the neighbors will join the party. Mother’s Day is the perfect pizza catering occasion because this way mom doesn’t have to cook and no one has to try to eat your attempts at cooking anything.

June: Father’s Day

No matter how you plan on spending your Father’s Day, pizza is the go-to food option to celebrate this day. Toss in some Howie Wings® with your catering order to add some manly food options. The best part? All of these food options are highly portable so you can take them to the golf course, the fishing boat, dad’s man cave, or just at the family table for some old-fashioned family time.

July: 4th of July

Although we know pizza origins are not in the U.S. we can still celebrate the 4th of July with a pizza catering order. Sorry, but no one wants to sit down and cook all day, we only want to see the fireworks show and go to bed. So, ordering from the catering menu means you can feed everyone in your family and all of your friends visiting, without having to lift a finger or try to sport a lady apron.

August: Lazy Days

August is kind of a weird month. Some friends will still be in summer-mode while others are back in school-mode, and those who work won’t be able to tell the difference. On August 10th, there’s a day dedicated to doing nothing at all. And that includes not cooking.

But, you still have to eat. So if you and your friends want to celebrate National Lazy Day with a party, a pizza catering order will please everyone and satisfy everyone’s pizza cravings.

September: Labor Day

You’ve worked hard this year, you deserve a prize for your accomplishments. Talk to your coworkers and your boss to organize a Labor Day pizza day at your office. Get together and choose from the pizza catering menu to have a power lunch together. Pizza makes everyone instantly happy so you can work with an even better attitude.

October: Halloween

Halloween is by far the day with most pizza sales of the year. Not the Super Bowl, but Halloween. Yes, you read that correctly. Between all the trick-or-treat knocking and the candies flying around your house, you have zero time to make food for all the friends and family that often stop by for Halloween.

When you get a pizza catering combo, you can add pizza, fresh salads, Howie Wings®, and sodas to make everyone at your house happy. And, since you already have dessert, you can skip the Howie Brownies this time.

November: Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Following Halloween, Thanksgiving is the busiest day for pizza deliveries. But, not for the reason you think. With a kitchen filled with bubbling pots and an oven with a gigantic turkey roasting inside, kitchens turn more into a battlefield than a welcoming room.

With so little room to cook anything at your house, there’s only one option left: delivery. And, since your home is probably packed with friends and family, any delivery won’t be sufficient. You'll need pizza catering delivery to feed as many as you can, while you gracefully stay under budget without anyone noticing. Because at Hungry Howie’s®, our catering deals are to die for.

December: New Year’s Eve

Last, but not least, we have New Year’s Eve. Another pizza delivery favorite day. It could be because everyone is planning on their outfits for the big night, or because the kitchen is also packed with food for dinner, but New Year’s Eve is a pizza order favorite for many Americans.

The best part about pizza catering for New Year’s Eve is that you don’t have to do anything, you just need to pick the combo, select the number of guests, and eat away as you get ready to ring in the New Year.

There you have it, 12 plus pizza catering occasions to celebrate with the most humble, loved, and delicious food on Earth: pizza.