Ultimate Pizza Bloggers List

Food blogging goes beyond restaurant reviews and recipes. Food blogs are about the food itself, the personality of whoever writes about food, the ideas, the dialogue between users, and more. If you are a real foodie, you probably follow several food blogs. But if you love pizza, this list of the ultimate pizza bloggers is what you need to stay up to date with the pizza world.

These Pizza Blogs are Making Us Hungry!


If you want to learn about how to make pizza, this blog is for you. You'll get cool pizza making techniques, delicious recipes, and you can even buy fantastic pizza ovens so you can keep up with new products for all your pizza parties. When you have the time... and you're not hankering for a Flavored Crust®.

Reddit Pizza

The Reddit world also has a space for pizza. Surprised? This community is for true pizza lovers only and includes plenty of pizza recipes, videos, and even user attempts at recreating their favorite pizzas. (You can try this with your favorite Hungry Howie's... but, com'on.) And, of course, you can't forget the out-of-the-box pizza recipes like taco pizza or BBQ Brisket pizza.

Pizza Therapy

This blog by Albert Grande, from Hawaii, is all about the pizza. He shares his tips on how to make pizza from scratch. If you have a full smile after you eat pizza, this blog is for you. And, if you want to know where to eat the best pizza, check out Albert’s reviews of pizza places from around the world.

Pizza Lover Chicago

Some say Chicago has the best pizza. They do have deep dish pizza. But, on that note, so do we. Pizza Lover Chicago follows Felicia Braude and her obsession with pizza. This pizza blog is all about her experience with pizza and her adventures tasting new styles and flavors without hesitation.

Thursday Night Pizza

Some people have book clubs. Others have pizza club. Thursday Night Pizza was created by Peggy Paul Casella, who, every Thursday night, crafts a new pie based on seasonal, fresh ingredients. You can follow along with her as she prepares easy-to-make and delicious pizza recipes.

My Vibrant Kitchen

This one is for the vegans out there. Alex has a passion for food, and pizza is the best food there is, right? You'll find food photography, food recipes, and, of course, lots of eating out. Her recipes are easy to follow, and she uses fairly common ingredients so you can try all of her pizza creations.


By now you are probably obsessed with those Tasty, quick videos. Well, add some pizza to them, and you have a magic blog. Warning: you may spend hours watching these cheesy, delicious, and easy-to-make pizza recipe videos. If you are not so good at cooking, we firmly recommend you call Hungry Howie’s before trying out those recipes by yourself. Or you'll just get too hungry while watching to wait for your next grocery trip!

Scott’s Pizza Journal

Pizza in New York City is legendary. Track down the evolution of pizza through exclusive private tours of New York’s best pizzerias. Experience how famous pizza places make their own pies. It’s okay to feel a little bit envious after scrolling through his blog. No guilt there.

Howie Slice It

Okay, we couldn’t make this list without including our own blog “Howie Slice It.” Here, you find everything from the evolution of pizza, pizza deals, how to plan a pizza party, and more. If you are ever craving pizza, take a look at our blog, and order your favorite Hungry Howie’s pie when your mouth starts watering.

For Another Taste, Follow These Social Media Pizza Mavens

Of course, nowadays, not all bloggers translate their thoughts to actual websites. Some consider themselves micro-bloggers and keep up with their followers through social media. These food bloggers are taking the pizza blogging game to a whole new level of tastiness.


You know something has reached legendary status when it has its own Instagram account. With over 600k followers, you are in for a treat. Follow to see melty, cheesy, delicious pizzas from pizzerias across the globe, and you can even share your pizza photo using their hashtag #DailyPizza.


This trade publication is the go-to place for pizzeria owners and operators. If you are into the pizza industry, you have to follow this account. Even if you are just in love with pizza, you will still find amazing photos to give them plenty of love.


Imagine traveling all over the world eating pizza. Well, this guy gets to do that. (#Jealous) He has pizza-eating snaps all over, from Brazil, New York, Seattle, Costa Rica, and beyond. And if the travel snaps are not enough, he is eating pizza in almost all of his photos.


A whole Instagram account dedicated to all good and tasty things in Chicago, including pizza. While this account has all kinds of food, it is their pizza shots that we care about. No matter the style, regular crust or deep dish pizza, this account will leave you hungry.


This account is dedicated to all things cheesy, however, you can’t have pizza without cheese. They are masters of capturing the sweet moment you lift up your slice of pizza, and the melty cheese creates a magical waterfall of goodness. And, of course, the occasional cheesy mac and cheese shot doesn’t hurt either.


Follow a girl’s obsession with pizza. Centered in Boston, Massachusetts, you get a glance of her delicious pizza cravings. But she also travels on the search for the best pizza slice out there. This account will leave you happy and hungry.


Instagram seems to be obsessed with flat layout photos, and pizza is not an exception. Get an aerial view of your favorite pizza indulgence, all day, every day. You can even submit your own photo with the hashtag #pizzafromabove to share your pizza love with the world.


Another account focused on all things pizza. If you have a pizza obsession, this account is for you. They share snaps of the most cheesy, crispy, and melty pizza creations in the world. Plus, you can also share your pizza using the hashtag #ttpizza so the world can see your pie creation.


The best for last. (Of course). Keep up with Hungry Howie’s pizza adventures and the best pizza deals you can ever get. Have a laugh with our fun memes and try your chance at becoming famous by uploading your photo using the hashtag #HowieMakeYouFamous.