Top Chicken Wing Flavors to Experience at Hungry Howie's®

There are seemingly countless chicken wing flavors. In our opinion, the flavor is the best part of the amazing side dish (or, hey, if you want to make a meal out of Howie Wings®, we think that's cool too). So, what are the best chicken wing flavors? We're continuously looking into which flavors our customers like the best so that we can bring you your favorite wings, and we've compiled the ultimate list.

If you're wondering which chicken wing flavor to order next time you scoop up a meal from Hungry Howie's®, we've got you covered. Check out these chicken wing flavors to find your new favorite today. And be sure to let us know on social media or the next time you're in the restaurant which one is your fave. That way, we know to add it to the list.

Original Chicken Wings

You can't go wrong with classic wings, complete with the bone-in if you ask us. Juicy, tender, and delicious, our Original Howie Wings® are lightly tossed in a moderate, spicy sauce that diners usually associate with the dish.

We're careful to maintain the best sauce-to-chicken ratio with our classic wings. Add too much, and it can get overwhelming and make the wings soggy. If you don't add enough it can leave you with dry wings. At Hungry Howie's®, you'll find the perfect balance that's sure to please your tastebuds.

They're a medium heat level, so if you're looking for a hot wing that's not quite scalding but still has a pleasant blend of flavors, this is the order for you. You can never go wrong with the standard wing flavors you'll find in our original variation.

Chicken Wings with Ranch Dressing

It's the great debate. In fact, it's almost as hot (no pun intended) as the fight over whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza. Do you eat ranch or bleu cheese dressing with your Howie Wings® to complement the spicy flavor? Ranch is a fan favorite among our customers, and if it makes your list of best chicken wing flavors too, let us know. We'll be happy to include a side of the delicious dipping dressing.

Chicken Wings with Bleu Cheese Dressing

Maybe you're more of a bleu cheese person when it comes to chicken wing flavors and dips. We think that's awesome, too. If you want bleu cheese with your order of Howie Wings® just let us know or select the option at checkout. Then, that's the dipping sauce side you'll receive!

Of course, some people like a little bit of each. Or, perhaps you're splitting your order of Howie Wings® with a friend or loved one, and you don't agree on the best chicken wing flavor or dip. If that's the case, there's no issue at Hungry Howie's®. Order one side sauce of ranch and one side of bleu cheese to please everyone in your group.

Boneless Wings

Some people swear that boneless wings have a different flavor altogether, and while we're not sure if it's true, if you prefer these wings, you're in luck. We have a boneless option on the menu here at Hungry Howie's®. You can enjoy your wings in a single bite without worrying about the bone. Just select this option when you place your order.

This is the perfect option if you're not looking to get your fingers too gooey or if there are kids at the table. Either way, we think it's awesome if you think that boneless wings have a specific flavor and if they're your thing, add them to your order today.

Spicy Chicken Wings

While original chicken wings are some people's thing, others prefer things to get a little spicy. We're all about turning up the heat in the kitchen, which is why we offer the option of spicy chicken wings or tenders as well. As a completely separate menu item, we make it easy to get the spice level you're looking for without any confusion.

Our spicy option really kicks it up a notch and is not for the faint of heart. Spicy chicken wings or tenders come with the same option of ranch or bleu cheese dipping dressing on the side. Just let us know which you prefer, and we'll be sure to include it with your order.

Some people like to make the wings even spicier by adding hot sauce and black pepper to the already spicy delicious bites, and we think if that's your thing, that you're pretty brave and admirable.

Special Additions at Hungry Howie's®

While we know that our Howie Wings® are great on their own and can stand as their single star of the show, we're taking it up one more level. When you order chicken wings at Hungry Howie's® you'll also get a side of spicy bread. Or, if you order our Spicy Chicken Tenders, we'll include a side of Cajun bread.

All types of wings and tenders at Hungry Howie's® are available in a variety of sizes, so you can pick the number that best suits your needs. Order just enough for one meal, serve an entire group, or make sure that you have leftovers for later. There's no wrong way to go.

Order Howie Wings® for Takeout or Delivery

Order wings delivery today from Hungry Howie's®, or let us know you'd prefer to stop by and grab your order for takeout. When you order delivery online, you can use our handy Howie Track® feature that lets you see precisely where your order is each step of the way — from our oven to your doorstep. Hungry Howie's® has everyone's favorite flavors of chicken wings. Don't miss out on your chance to chow down and enjoy an order today.

Our savory wings are a customer favorite, and we like to believe that we have the best wing game in the industry. Try our delicious wings tonight, complete with one of our many sauce options. We have eight different dipping sauce options aside from the classic ranch and bleu cheese, including honey mustard and more, so be sure to select your fave when placing your order.