Tips for Planning Your Next Big Pizza Party

If you find yourself in the position of hosting an event, say a pre-finals bash, a party before the big game or watching the NBA finals or Super Bowl on TV, you may be wondering 1) how come you got nominated, and then 2) how will you manage to pull off this feat. Planning an event takes a certain amount of work, so it’s best to start early in making all of your arrangements. Luckily, your menu is practically a no-brainer; what could be easier, more economical, and more popular than pizza?

Pizza – The Perfect Party Food

Your guests may have very different tastes, but almost everyone likes pizza – remember, 93% of the population eats pizza at least once a month. Your hardest task here might be making sure you have enough options for everyone: omnivores, vegetarians, and gluten-free guests. In addition, you can offer options such as salads, calzones, and pastas. And then determining how much food to order. On average, you should plan on three slices of pizza per adult attending your event.

Often, an event is judged by the food that is served. Certainly if something goes wrong, it will be remembered. However, there is more to it, once you have your menu planned. You’ll need a place to have your event. It could be in your dorm room, common area, apartment, or even your parent’s house, depending on what is available to you. If you are going to the big game on campus after the party, keep it as close to the game’s venue as possible. If you are watching an event on TV, be sure you have enough space and seating for all your guests.

Share the Expense

Not only does hosting an event take some planning, it also can incur some expense. You can lessen the blow to your wallet by providing just the pizza and asking your guests to bring additional items, such as salads, sandwiches, chips, dips, paper plates, napkins, and plastic ware. In addition, you can also have your guests bring their own non-alcoholic beverages, but be sure to have some sodas on hand for those who forget. Also, consider inviting your neighbors; this can reduce your chances of complaints about the noise of your party. Hungry Howie's is the place to go for pizza specials near you.


Remember to throw the type of party you will have fun going to. It’s important, as the host, to be considerate of your guests and make sure they have a good time, but there’s no sense in making the effort to host an event if you don’t enjoy it also.