Tips for Making Your First Date Standout with Pizza

So, you took a look at your love life and decided to give it a badly needed make over. You’ve changed your look, your mindset, and your attitude about life. And, it’s paid off. You now have a phone number or two that you are hoping to turn into dates. Now, you need to come up with a first date idea that really sets you apart from the crowd.

The “coffee date” has now become the predate interview and dinner and a movie just seems so passé. The perfect first date lets both people learn more about each other while enjoying a unique experience. And, ideally, it shouldn’t cost you fortune. Here are some guidelines however for planning a first date that is a unique as you are:

  • Choose an activity that you know you will both enjoy
  • Consider trying something new together
  • Pizza makes every date better

Pizza Party

You almost can’t go wrong with pizza, there are very few who really don’t like it. And those are not the types you’d be out on a date with anyway, right? There are even gluten-free pizzas or cheese-less options for those who are gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, or vegan. Sharing a pizza in a fun, casual atmosphere sets the stage for getting to know each other in a fun, casual way without the typical “first date” pressure. And the date is made even better when accompanied by a delicious flavored-crust pizza. You can also plan a fun al fresco pizza party – just pick up a pizza and head to the park with a festive checkered tablecloth.

Cooking Class

Cooking classes can be fun, especially if you both have the same sense of humor. You might even be able to find a special date night class. It’s a great opportunity to bond over something new, and even if your dishes don’t turn out as anticipated, you’ll still have a good time and a good story to embellish. And if the recipe you made in class doesn’t work out, you can always stop for pizza on the way home.

Visit the Zoo

It’s easy for forget the local spots of interest when you’ve lived in a city for a period of time. Zoos are great venues for first dates if you and your prospective date haven’t been lately. You’ll have numerous chances to get to know each other as you stroll around observing cute, entertaining animals. And you’ll have plenty of thing to talk about. If things go well, you can pick up a few slices of pizza and turn it into a lunch date.

Go Bowling

Bowling can be a fun, stress-free activity, or not, depending on how competitive you and your date are. Most people know how to bowl, and there’s a special, playful energy that arises when competing at something you are both not very good at. And unlike a fancy dinner where you might feel you have to fill every empty silence, you can think up witty things to say while your date is hurling a ball down the lane. It’s pretty simple to find a bowling alley, grab a lane, rent some shoes, order some pizza and drinks, and remember that bowling is fun even if you suck at it.