Surprising Sauce Combinations for Howie Wings®

Even though we are pizza eaters at heart, our doctor recommended a more balanced diet, so we decided to include some Howie Wings® in the mix. Perfect-sized chicken wings with the right amount of seasoning, and your favorite dipping sauce. We already covered your favorite sauces to dip your slice, now it’s time to give you some ideas to dip your wings.

Classic Sauce Combinations for Howie Wings®

Let’s start with the basics. These are the Howie Wings® sauces you know and love. If, when it comes to food, you prefer staying on the safe side of things, these are the sauce combinations that will make you happy.

BBQ Sauce

Chicken wings and BBQ go hand in hand, most of us know that. So, whether you choose to order some BBQ Howie Wings® with sweet BBQ Sauce tossed in for you, or, you want to order some extra BBQ on the side to get in on that dipping action, you can definitely do that as well. We won’t judge.

Blue Cheese Dressing

Blue cheese is another famous companion of chicken wings. It’s creamy, slightly tangy, and cheesy flavor makes it a perfect sauce combination for our Buffalo Howie Wings®. Or, it can turn our Original Boneless Howie Wings® into a flavorful dish of awesomeness.

Ranch Dressing

Another classic sauce choice for chicken wings: ranch dressing. Don’t ask us why people love this combo, they just do, and we listen to whatever people like. Ranch dressing goes with everything, so be our guest and dip away.

Buffalo Sauce

Last, but not least, this chicken wing and buffalo sauce combination is a match made in heaven. Again, go for the Buffalo Howie Wings® that are already tossed in the perfect sauce ratio, or go ahead and order a buffalo dipping cup for an extra kick of flavor.

Unexpected Sauce Combinations of Howie Wings®

Alright, enough with the classic sauce combinations. At Hungry Howie’s® we don’t believe in bland flavors - that’s why we invented the Flavored Crust® pizza, because we think in ultimate flavorful combinations.

Sriracha Sauce

For those who like a little kick with their chicken wings, the Sriracha sauce combination is the perfect answer to your prayers. Tossing our Howie Wings® in spicy Thai-style chili sauce, you get the excellent flavor from our chicken wings and the heat from the Sriracha sauce. Don’t forget to order a Sriracha side cup for an extra kick.

Pizza Sauce

Most people don’t think of pizza sauce as a perfect combination of chicken wings. But, trust us, it’s to die for. The tomato and herb combination creates an unexpected clash of flavors with every bite. Any chicken wing flavor will do here. Trust us, you won’t regret this combo.

Garlic Butter Sauce

You know how you love dipping your pizza slice in our buttery garlic sauce? Well, try that same combination with our chicken wings. Add a red pepper packet with your order for an extra kick. Or even better, ask for a Parmesan packet and add it to the garlic butter sauce for an epic combination.

Golden Italian Sauce

There's nothing like golden Italian dressing, with a hint of spices, red bell pepper flakes, and the perfect touch of garlic. If we’re being honest, we don’t dip our chicken wings in this sauce. We just drench our wings with the sauce and leave them sitting there for a minute or two. This results in delicious, spicy, and juicy Howie Wings®.

When it comes to sauce combinations for chicken wings, we don’t mess around. We love trying new and exciting flavor combinations that result in dreamy dishes. What’s your favorite sauce combination for Howie Wings®?