Stuck at Home? Time to Order a Pizza!

When you're stuck at home, things to do can be difficult to think of. You've reorganized your closet, you've scrubbed the windows and the bathroom mirrors, and you feel like you've watched basically every television show and movie on every streaming service. What else is there to do? It's time to order a pizza!

Yes. Kick back and relax. Treat yourself. You may be bored, or you may be exhausted after running around with the kids all day. Either way, there is no better time for a pizza than now. I mean, is there ever a bad time to order a pizza? Here at Hungry Howie's®, we think not.

Meals Made Easy

Cooking every night can be a struggle. And going to the grocery store can seem daunting. Even the best shoppers and meal preppers need a night off. Pizza is here to save the day (or night). It relieves you of having to do the dishes, make sure the food doesn't burn, or figuring out a complicated recipe. All you have to do is place an order, sit back, and wait for your pizza to arrive.

Pizza night is truly a meal made easy. And it brings a smile to everyone's face. As you open the box and smell the delicious marinara sauce, melted cheese, and dough that is baked to perfection, you'll see everyone's eyes light up. And you'll be excited to dig in yourself.

If you're ordering for yourself, that's great too. Cooking for one can be difficult, but ordering a pizza for one is about as simple and stress-free as you can get. 

Pizza Is a Past Time

When you're stuck at home, things to do for yourself and your family become even more important. You want to take care of yourself, maintain a sense of normalcy, and keep up routines and traditions. What better way to do that than keeping family pizza night going?

Do you usually order a pizza every Friday, at the end of a long week? Don't stop now just because you are stuck at home. Having that routine pizza can make everything seem a little more normal again, which is something that everyone craves. 

Or, maybe you have pizza on the weekends (or on the weekdays) while you have movie night or play video games with friends. You can still do exactly that when you place an order for pick-up or delivery. Don't forgo your favorite past time (pizza!) just because you're stuck at home. 

Pizza Activities

If you're stuck at home, we propose that you can take pizza night to a whole new level. Make it even more special than it once was. If you create new pizza traditions now, you may just carry them into the future and have meaningful memories forever. 

If you have kids, see who can color in the best design on the pizza box. Get some crayons out and have some fun (though we recommend doing this after you eat the pizza, of course). 

If you're ordering your own pizza, get your friends in on another game. Whether you're talking on your gaming headsets, on video call, or talking over text message, create a pizza challenge. See who can create the wildest pizza topping combination. And then see who likes theirs the best. 

At Hungry Howie's® we offer a wide variety of toppings so you can really go crazy. And don't forget to add our famous Flavored Crust® to the mix as well as a dipping sauce. In our opinion, a dipping sauce can really make a pizza. 

Make the Most of Your Night

When you're stuck at home, things you do that make you smile are important. And we know that pizza makes just about everyone smile. When you think about it, pizza is a form of self-care, right?! We think it is. 

Throw on your favorite movie, get in your favorite pair of sweatpants or pajamas, and just chill. With a pizza by your side. Dish it out on plate, or eat it straight out of the box. We won't judge you. There is no wrong way to eat a pizza. 

Order for Delivery

Of course, if you can't leave the house, there's only one way to get the pizza that you're crazy for. That way is by delivery. At Hungry Howie's® we pride ourselves on quick delivery with fresh, hot pizza. You can either give us a call to place your order, or order online where you will get to use the HowieTrack®.

When you use the HowieTrack® you can see where your pizza is each step of its journey. From order confirmation, to preparation, and out for delivery, you will know exactly when to expect your pie. 

So go ahead and order a pizza tonight. If you're stuck at home you deserve it, and we're happy to bring it right to your door.