Should Pasta Be Considered a Pizza Topping?

If you’re from Canada, or you’ve visited Canada before, you know they have something they like to call pizza-ghetti. This revolutionary fast food dish finally combines the best foods in the world: pasta and pizza. Essentially it is a half-pizza, half-pasta dish that has all the cheese, all the tomato sauce, and all the flavor you need to control your cravings.

While some people may argue that pizza and pasta should not be together, we don’t judge those who decide to mix them. There’s everything to love from pizza, and there’s also everything to love from a baked pasta dish. So, what’s the matter with eating them together?

Some people even say pasta is like shredded pizza. And we sort of agree with them.

So while Canadians kept indulging in their pizza-ghetti creations, Americans wanted to jump into the excitement. But, instead of eating them separately, they decided to merge them. That’s when the pasta pizza, spaghetti pizza, or pasta as a pizza topping began.

How to Make Pasta Pizza?

The idea behind pasta pizza is fairly simple, it's a pizza with a pasta topping. The pasta you add on top is up to you, we think everything goes well with pizza anyways. Some people like to add pasta to their pizza, then add an extra layer of mozzarella cheese on top and bake it. This gives them the ultimate pasta pizza cheesy experience. But, instead of going through the process of baking pizza at home, here’s how you can make pasta pizza by ordering from Hungry Howie’s®.

Baked Pasta Pizza

First, pick your favorite Flavored Crust® pizza. We think Butter Parmesan, Garlic Herb Crust Pizza, or our Original Crust would be perfect for this recipe. Then make sure you add to your order our Baked Spaghetti that has some delicious marinara sauce and golden brown baked mozzarella cheese. Once your delivery order arrives, open your pizza box, open your spaghetti box, and toss the pasta over your pizza. Enjoy!

Baked Ziti Pasta Pizza

You can also get creative with your combinations. For example, instead of ordering a plain cheese pizza, you could experiment with other flavors. We think that if you order a Veggie pizza, a Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza, or even better a Meat Eaters pizza, that would be your perfect base. Then, go ahead and order our Baked Ziti pasta. Here’s a trick, once your order arrives, gently remove the marinara sauce blended with ricotta cheese, and save it on the side. Then, pour all the ziti pasta noodles over your pizza, top this creation with the marinara sauce you previously saved, sprinkle some extra parmesan cheese, some mozzarella cheese, and bake it again. If you’re getting hungry, its okay: Our delivery can get to you super-fast.

Chicken Parmesan Pasta Pizza

So maybe you don’t want your extra toppings with your pasta, but with your pizza. If that’s the case, then get yourself a Flavored Crust®, maybe the Sesame Crust pizza or the Onion Crust Pizza would work with this culinary creation. Top with some delicious chicken parmesan chicken pasta, and voila!

If you ask us, the answer is yes, pasta should absolutely be considered a pizza topping. We think it is a fabulous way to satisfy your Italian-food cravings. But, we always want to hear what you think about this creative food combinations. So we’re asking you, do you think pizza is a pasta topping?

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