Santa’s Reindeer Favorite Pizzas – Which Reindeer Would You Be?

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas time is here, and Santa’s favorite reindeer are craving some Hungry Howie’s® pizzas. Have you ever wondered, if Santa’s reindeer could pick one pizza, which one would they choose? And, even better, which reindeer would you be based on your pizza topping choices? I’m definitely a Donder, but maybe you would give me more of a Vixen vibe. Find out which one you are.


We all know Rudolph. With his red nose, he showed Santa the way and guided everyone through Christmas night. Born extremely clumsy, Rudolph never gives up and he works hard to navigate through the most adverse weather conditions. Even when everyone is making fun of his red nose, Rudolph always finds comfort in a classic pepperoni pizza.


Prancer is the youngest male of the bunch. Even though he can be shy and timid, he can be very graceful and charming. Being the youngest one of them all, Prancer likes to keep up with pizza trends, which is why his order starts with a BBQ Chicken Pizza, grilled to perfection and drizzled with tasty BBQ sauce.


Dasher gets along with everybody. He is fast, he is reliable, and he is always there for you. Even though Dasher does things whenever he pleases, he will never let you down. Dasher is always craving a Works Pizza, with a little bit of everything, including pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, and Italian sausage.


Cupid is the second oldest of the bunch, very flirtatious, loving, and caring. He is a true gentleman, getting along with everyone. Cupid needs the help of Vixen to stay focused on working instead of flirting. But Cupid can sneak out every once in a while to indulge in bacon topped pizza.


Blitzen is a burst of energy that can light up anyone's spirits. She is as stubborn as it gets, but her problem-solving skills are what placed her second in command. She doesn’t let anyone push her around, and when she is in charge, everyone knows it. That might be why she can’t avoid having a Meat Eaters pizza every other day.


The youngest female of the bunch, Dancer is agile, sweet, and very excited about everything. She’s more than Santa’s dance partner, she is part of the line-up. But Dancer can get very excited and easily distracted, which is why her dancing partner is now Dasher, to see if he can help straighten her out.

Nevertheless, at heart, Dancer remains playful, always ordering a specialty pizza from Hungry Howie’s®.


Vixen is the eldest female, so she knows a thing or two. She is very calm and imparts a mother-like wisdom upon everyone else. She is the one the younger ones come to for advice. Her soft voice melts everybody who listens. Being the oldest female, Vixen takes care of herself ordering Veggie Pizzas only.


Very charming, but very reckless. Comet is the one who is always getting in trouble, trying to stir up problems. But he is the fastest of the group, which is probably why he is always showing off. However, deep inside Comet is a lovable, kind reindeer with a good heart, who tries to get everyone to love his favorite pizza: pineapple.


Donder is the leader and the eldest of the bunch. He’s very wise, traditional, and kind. Always in command, he wants to think he knows what’s best for everybody. He is an authoritative voice everyone listens to. He honestly cares for each member of his team. And, when it comes to pizza, he is as classic as it gets, ordering only cheese pizzas whenever he can.

Santa’s reindeers are sure a fun bunch, we cannot wait to meet them during the holidays. In the meantime, we can make sure to have their pizzas warm and ready whenever they are craving a Hungry Howie’s® pizza.