The Rise and Appeal of Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving dinners are on the rise. A Pinterest and Instagram worthy event, filled with all your holiday favorite foods. The only thing missing? Family. Friendsgiving is all about getting together with friends to have a decent meal and enjoy quality time together, not talking about why you haven’t settled down yet.

While holiday family dinners are not a set-in-stone tradition, Friendsgiving has become almost a rule among Millennials.

Friendsgiving is an opportunity to have a “grown-up” (sans parents) dinner experience. Not to mention those who do live far away from their parents can save tons on airfare, which we all know skyrockets during the holidays.

So, is it all mashed potatoes and gravy for Friendsgiving? Not exactly.

The Friendsgiving Menu

Friendsgiving dishes are a little more liberal than the traditional holiday dinner plate. You can skip the split peas and mashed potatoes here. Friendsgiving ideas include potlucks, which usually include food from countries all over the world.

Our favorite Friendsgiving menu includes:

And, if you ask us, we would throw some Hungry Howie’s® pizzas in there too. Who said pizza can't be festive?

How to Throw a Friendsgiving Party?

It’s very easy to find Friendsgiving ideas for your party. Check with your friends to see what the theme will be. For example, you can do a pizza-theme party. You could do a buffet-style holiday dinner. The options are endless.

Our favorite option is a potluck dinner. Call all your friends and ask them to bring dishes and recipes from their heritage. Create a potluck menu that includes appetizers, entrees, and desserts from all over the world. Don't forget to add some pizzas from Hungry Howie's®.

Not only will you get to taste the flavors of other countries, but you will also get to learn something about a different culture. International Friendsgiving parties are a feast for your mind and your taste buds.

Make sure you RSVP to your friend’s Friendsgiving party and don’t forget to bring some Hungry Howie’s® Flavored Crust® pizzas along with you.