Quiz: What Your Favorite Chicken Wings Say about You

There’s nothing better in the world than having sauce-covered fingertips from eating chicken wings. One can never have too many, and the messier your hands get, the better. But, what if we told you we could guess your personality based on your favorite chicken wing? Well, it turns out, that much like your pizza order shows more about you than you thought, so does your choice of chicken wings. Your chicken wing selection is the most flavorful look into your soul you’ll ever find.

Take our quiz to find out what your favorite chicken wing says about you. And, don’t forget to tag your friends, maybe you’ll meet your perfect chicken wing match.

Original Howie Wings®

You’re all about being original. No one else in the world can compare to you, and everyone around you knows that. But, when it comes to chicken wings, you’re also a picky eater, the one that can’t choose one flavor alone. That is why you go with the original Howie Wings® all the time. You enjoy the endless possibilities of choosing just one dipping sauce or choosing several dipping sauces to customize every bite. If you're on the hunt for tasty, affordable chicken wings near you, you can find them at Hungry Howie's!

Asian Howie Wings®

You’re the exotic one among your friends. You’re a well-traveled person that enjoys exploring the different flavors of the world, and that includes the delicious tangy Asian sauce from our Asian Howie Wings®. Beyond all that, you know exactly what you want from life and from your chicken wings. And that’s what sets you apart.

BBQ Howie Wings®

A little sweet, a little spicy, all depends on how badly you want your chicken wings. You’re the perfect balance of the finer things in life. Your friends consider you a smooth dancer, and you have no enemies whatsoever. Yes, you’re basically the human description of the BBQ Sauce. Although sometimes you can be a messy eater, you can always count on countless napkins to be by your side.

Sriracha Howie Wings®

Just like you don’t know what’s in Sriracha, your friends don’t know what’s on your mind. You are a trendsetter and a trend-watcher. You’re definitely not afraid of the spice, and both your chicken wing selection and your style showcase that. Everyone loves your bold moves, your fearless attitude, and your explosive personality. Pretty much, just like everyone loves the fiery flavor of Sriracha.

Boneless Howie Wings®

If your thing is any type of boneless Howie Wings®, then your personality is all about being practical. Your friends would say you’re easy-going but ready for everything. You’re the type of person that will bring an extra pillow to a sleepover just in case. You’re also a messy eater, so you try to stay as clean as possible by picking boneless chicken wings, this way your fork can take the heavy lifting and your shirt stay clean.

Surprised about what your favorite chicken wing choice can say about you? Food never lies. Keep in mind, when you choose our Howie Wings®, everyone from our cashiers, to our chefs, and our delivery person is judging you. No, just kidding, we’re a judgment-free zone. But, we do know (or think we know) a thing or two about your personality. Next time you're looking for good wings near you, call us for delivery!