Planning an Epic Pizza-Centric Oscars Viewing Party

Ah the Oscars, the glitz, the glamor, and the groaning that your favorite actor didn’t win. The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, recognize excellence in cinematic achievements. It’s a time when some of the biggest stars in the cinematic universe gather under one roof donning gowns, tuxedos, and plenty of bling.

For those not in the industry, it’s another great time to throw a party. Oscar viewing parties have become increasingly popular over the years. Friends and family gather around the TV and watch as some of their favorite celebrities sashay down the red carpet and deliver moving, or not so moving, victory speeches. In some cases, the event becomes a must-watch just to see who will and won’t win. Face it, Leo finally winning an Oscar was all everyone could talk about last year.

If you’re ready to throw an epic pizza-centric Oscars viewing party, here are some tips:

Plan the Perfect Menu

Pizza is an easy to eat and delicious treat when you’re glued to your TV and gathered around the living room. There is no need for utensils or solid plates, just pick up a slice and enjoy. Choose a variety of pizza toppings or specialty pizzas to please your crowd, or choose a pizza pairing based on your favorite Best Picture nominee. Don’t forget about appetizers. At Hungry Howie’s, you can choose from wings, salad, and Howie Bread™. Howie Brownies are a delicious way to complete your menu and give guests something sweet to end the night.

Perfect Your Décor

Oscar viewing party décor usually calls for lots of gold, black, and silver. Get some balloons, spray paint some champagne bottles gold and black, and buy some sparkling décor. Add some movie inspired touches like ticket stubs, a ballot box, movie strips, and more, to really bring forward the Oscars theme. You might even be able to buy miniature faux Oscar trophies to give out to best-dressed guests.

Play Some Games

While watching the awards show can be fun, you can also engage in some games that will bring your party to life. Make the party more pizza-inspired by guessing each Oscar winner’s favorite type of pizza. You can also create a printable Oscars ballot and have everyone make their guesses on who will win. If you want to take it up a notch, you can give the guest with the closest number of correct guesses a prize. You can also create an Oscars bingo card and a “Mad Libs” style award acceptance speech.

Whatever you decide to do on Oscar night, have fun with it. The Oscars are a great excuse for getting friends together, enjoying some pizza, and throwing an award-winning bash of your own.